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ZF Friedrichshafen AG, also known as ZF Group, and commonly abbreviated to ZF (“ZF” stands for “Zahnradfabrik” which means “Gear Factory”). ZF is a German car parts maker headquartered in Friedrichshafen, in the south-west German region of Baden-Württemberg.

Specialising in engineering, it is primarily known for its design, research and development, and manufacturing activities in the automotive industry. It is a worldwide supplier of driveline and chassis technology for cars and commercial vehicles, along with specialist plant equipment such as construction equipment. It is also involved in rail, marine, defence and aviation industries, as well as general industrial applications. ZF has 113 production locations in 26 countries with approximately 71,500 employees.

ZF Marine Transmissions is a subsidiary of the ZF Group ($14 billion in annual sales). ZF Marine is now the largest supplier of marine transmissions, propellers, surface drives, and controls in the world.

ZF25M     ZF85A

Company History

The company was founded in 1915 in Friedrichshafen, Germany by Ferdinand von Zeppelin, to produce gears for Zeppelins and other airships. Zeppelin was unable to otherwise obtain gears for his airships.

By 1919, ZF had moved into the automobile market, a move consolidated by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Some of the most important milestones that followed:

  • 1921: Under a rampant inflation and investor fears, the company goes public as the Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG, with the Zeppelin Luftschiffbau GmbH holding 80% of the stock options, valued at 4 million Marks.
  • 1929: A thriving auto industry warrants the series production of the innovative helical ZF Aphon transmission for cars and commercial vehicles
  • 1944: On 3 August,[6] the Zahnradfabrik was bombed by the Fifteenth Air Force.
  • 1953: Market launch of the first fully synchronised transmission for commercial vehicles worldwide.
  • 1961: Development of a fully automatic transmission for passenger cars. The 1960s sees ZF supplying transmissions to major German automakers (including DKW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW) as well as Peugeot and Alfa Romeo.
  • 1986: Start of USA transmission production in Gainesville, Georgia, for pickup trucks. ZF became a major supplier to Ford in the 1980s.
  • 1995: ZF Acquires the Italian-based Hurth Marine Gear which continues to produce the smaller gears under the ZF name.
  • 2001: ZF Acquires Mathers Marine Controls. Mathers Controls, introduced the industry’s first single lever control over 50 years ago, and has been the leader in the industry with electronic engine controls such as the MicroCommander system for marine vessels, yachts, and pleasure boats.
  • 2013: ZF Opens Passenger Car Transmission Plant in the U.S.
  • 2014:  Acquires American auto parts manufacturer TRW Automotive for $13.5 billion.

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Models & Literature

Click on Model Links to view Spec Sheets & on other links for Manuals, etc

ZF 4 M
ZF 5M HBW 40
ZF 6 M HBW 50
ZF 10 M HBW 100
ZF 12 M HBW 125‚ H
ZF 15 M HBW 150
ZF 15 MA HBW 150 A
ZF 15 M-IV HBW 150 V
ZF 25 HBW 250
ZF 25 A HBW 250 A
ZF 25 M HSW 250 H PIX1
ZF 25 MA
ZF 30 M
ZF 45 HSW 450 H2
ZF 45 A HSW 450 A2
ZF 45 IV
ZF 45-1
ZF 45-1 IV
ZF 45 C
ZF 45 6 SW 450 D
ZF 63 HSW 630 H1
ZF 63 A HSW 630 A1 PIX1
ZF 63 IV HSW 630 V1
ZF 63 C HSW 630 D
ZF 80 A HSW 800 A2
ZF 80 IV HSW 800 V1
ZF 80-1 A HSW 800 A3
ZF 80-1 IV HSW 800 V2
ZF 85 A
ZF 85 IV
ZF 88 C
ZF 220 IRM 220 PL
ZF 220 A IRM 220 A-1 PIX1
ZF 220 PL
ZF 220 IV IRM 220 V-LD
ZF 220 V IRM 220 V-2
ZF W220
ZF 280 IRM 280 PL-1
ZF 280 A IRM 280 A-2
ZF 280 IV IRM 280 V-LD-1
ZF 280-1
ZF 280-1 A
ZF 286
ZF 286 A
ZF 286 IV
ZF 286-1
ZF 300-1 ATS
ZF 300-1 IVTS
ZF 300-1 TS
ZF 301 IRM 301 PL-2
ZF 301 A IRM 301 A-2
ZF 301 C
ZF 302 IV IRM 302 V-LD-1
ZF 304 A
ZF 305
ZF 305 A
ZF 305-2
ZF 305-2 A
ZF 305-3A
ZF 305-3
ZF 311 A IRM 311 A-1
ZF 311 PL
ZF 320 IRM 320 PL-1
ZF 320 A IRM 320 A-1
ZF W320
ZF 325 IRM 325 PL
ZF W325
ZF 325 A IRM 325 A
ZF 325 TS
ZF 325 ATS
ZF 325 IV
ZF 325-1 PIX1
ZF 325-1 A
ZF W325
ZF 335 A
ZF 350 IRM 350 PL-2
ZF 350 A IRM 350 A-2
ZF 350 IV IRM 350 V-LD-1
ZF 350 V IRM 350 V
ZF W350
ZF W350-1
ZF 360
ZF 360 A
ZF 360 IV
ZF 360-1
ZF 360 V
ZF 500
ZF 500 A
ZF 500-1
ZF 500-1 IV
ZF 510 V
ZF 510-1 A
ZF 550 BW 155 PIX1
ZF 550 A BW 155 A
ZF 550 ATS
ZF 550 V BW 155 V
ZF 550 TS
ZF 550-1
ZF 600 BW 160
ZF 600 A
ZF 600 V
ZF 650 BW 165
ZF 650 A BW 165 A
ZF 650 V BW 165 V
ZF W650
ZF 660 BW 165 P3
ZF 660 A BW 165 AP3
ZF 660 V BW 165 VP3
ZF 665
ZF 665 A PIX1
ZF 665 ATS
ZF 665 V
ZF 665 TS
ZF 665-1
ZF 670 BW 165 P4
ZF 670 A BW 165 AP4
ZF 670 V BW 165 VP4
ZF W1700
ZF W1800
ZF 1900 BW 190
ZF 1900 A BW 190 A
ZF 1900 V BW 190 V
ZF 1950 BW 195
ZF 1950 A BW 195 A
ZF 1950 V BW 195 V
ZF 1955 BW 195 P1
ZF 1955 A BW 195 AP1
ZF 1955 V BW 195 VP1
ZF 1960 BW 196
ZF 1965 BW 196 P1
ZF 2000
ZF 2000 A
ZF 2000 V
ZF 2050
ZF 2050 A
ZF 2050 V
ZF 2060
ZF 2060 A
ZF 2060 V
ZF 2070
ZF 2070 A
ZF 2070 V
ZF 2075
ZF 2075 A
ZF 2075 V
ZF 2150
ZF 2150 A
ZF 2150 V
ZF 2200
ZF 2250
ZF 2260
ZF 2270
ZF 2275
ZF 2300
ZF W2300
ZF 2350
ZF W2350
ZF 2360
ZF 2370
ZF 2375
ZF W2450
ZF 2500 BW 250
ZF 2500 A BW 250 A
ZF 2500 V BW 250 V
ZF 2550 BW 255
ZF 2550 A BW 255 A
ZF 2550 V BW 255 V
ZF 2555 BW 255 P
ZF 2555 A BW 255 AP
ZF 2555 V BW 255 VP
ZF 2560 BW 256
ZF 2565 BW 256 P
ZF 3000
ZF 3000 A
ZF 3000 V
ZF 3050
ZF 3050 A
ZF 3050 D
ZF 3050 V
ZF 3055
ZF 3055 A
ZF 3055 V
ZF 3060
ZF 3060 A
ZF 3060 D
ZF 3060 V
ZF 3070
ZF 3070 A
ZF 3070 V
ZF 3150 A
ZF 3160 A
ZF 3160 V
ZF 3170 A
ZF 3170 V
ZF 3310
ZF W3310
ZF 3311
ZF 3350
ZF W3350
ZF 3351
ZF 3355
ZF W3355
ZF 3356
ZF 3360
ZF 3361
ZF 3370
ZF W3710
ZF 3711
ZF W3750
ZF 3751
ZF W3755
ZF 3756
ZF 3761
ZF 4540
ZF 4540 A
ZF 4540 V
ZF 4550 C BWK 455-1
ZF 4570 BW 457-1
ZF 4600 BW 460-1
ZF 4600 A
ZF 4600 V
ZF W4610
ZF 4640 BW 465
ZF 4650 BW 465-1
ZF 4650 A BW 465-1 A
ZF 4650 V BW 465-1 V
ZF 4660 BW 466
ZF 4661 BW 466 G
ZF 5000
ZF 5000 A
ZF 5000 V
ZF 5050
ZF 5050 A
ZF 5050 V
ZF 5055
ZF 5055 A
ZF 5055 V
ZF 5060
ZF 5060 A
ZF 5060 V
ZF 5300
ZF 5311
ZF 5350
ZF 5351
ZF 5355
ZF 5356
ZF 5360
ZF 5361
ZF 7500 BW 750
ZF 7500 C BWK 750
ZF 7540 BW 754
ZF 7549 BW 755
ZF 7549 C BWK 755
ZF 7550 BW 755-1
ZF 7550 V
ZF 7550 NRH BU 755-1HWR/L
ZF 7600
ZF 7600 A
ZF 7600 NR2
ZF 7600 NR2B
ZF 7600 NR2H
ZF 7600 V
ZF W7610
ZF W7615
ZF 7640
ZF W7640
ZF 7641
ZF 7645
ZF W7645
ZF 7646
ZF 7650
ZF 7650 A
ZF 7650 NR2
ZF 7650 NR2B
ZF 7650 NR2H
ZF 7650 V
ZF 7661
ZF 7666
ZF 7850 C BWK 785
ZF 9000
ZF 9000 A
ZF 9000 NR2
ZF 9000 NR2B
ZF 9000 NR2H
ZF 9000 V
ZF 9050
ZF 9050 A
ZF 9050 NR2
ZF 9050 NR2B
ZF 9050 NRSH
ZF 9050 V
ZF 9055
ZF 9055 A
ZF 9055 NR2
ZF 9055 NR2B
ZF 9055 NR2H
ZF 9055 V
ZF 9300
ZF 9311
ZF 9350
ZF 9351
ZF 9355
ZF 9356
ZF W11000
ZF W11000 NR
ZF W11010
ZF W11010 NR
ZF W11020
ZF W11020 NR
ZF W11030
ZF W11030 NR
ZF W11050
ZF W11050 NC
ZF W11050 NR
ZF W11100
ZF W11100 NR
ZF W11110
ZF W11110 NR
ZF W11120
ZF W11120 NR
ZF W11130
ZF W11130 NR
ZF W11150
ZF W11150 NC
ZF W11150 NR
ZF W11200
ZF W11200 NR
ZF W11210
ZF W11210 NR
ZF W11220
ZF W11220 NR
ZF W11230
ZF W11230 NR
ZF W11250
ZF W11250 NC
ZF W11250 NR
ZF 12000 BW 1200
ZF 12000 C BWK 1200
ZF 12010 BW 1201
ZF 12020 BW 1202
ZF 15550 BW 1555
ZF 15550 C BWK 1555
ZF 15560 BW 1556
ZF 15570 BW 1557
ZF W17000
ZF W17000 NR
ZF W17010
ZF W17010 NR
ZF W17030
ZF W17030 NR
ZF W17050
ZF W17050 NR
ZF W17100
ZF W17100 NR
ZF W17110
ZF W17110 NR
ZF W17130
ZF W17130 NR
ZF W17150
ZF W17150 NR
ZF W17200
ZF W17200 NR
ZF W17210
ZF W17210 NR
ZF W17230
ZF W17230 NR
ZF W17250
ZF W17250 NR
ZF W23100 NC
ZF W23100 NR
ZF 20570 BW 2057
ZF 23560 D BW 2356 DR/DL
ZF 23560 C BWK 2356
ZF 23560 C (IV=1.000)
ZF 23560 C (IV=1.130)
ZF 23560 C (IV=1.273)
ZF 23560 C (IV=1.432)
ZF 23860 C BWK 2386
ZF 23860 C (IV=0.492)
ZF 24040 NR2
ZF 24040 NR2B
ZF 24040 NR2H
ZF 24050 NR2
ZF 24050 NR2B
ZF 24050 NR2H
ZF 24055 NR2
ZF 24055 NR2B
ZF 24055 NR2H
ZF 24060 NR2
ZF 24060 NR2B
ZF 24060 NR2H
ZF 24320 SG
ZF 24320 SGD
ZF 24320 SGU
ZF 24340 D
ZF 24340 SG
ZF 24340 SGD
ZF 24340 SGU
ZF 24350 D
ZF 24350 SG
ZF 24350 SGD
ZF 24350 SGU
ZF 24355 D
ZF 24355 SG
ZF 24355 SGD
ZF 24355 SGU
ZF 24360 D
ZF 24360 SG
ZF 24360 SGD
ZF 24360 SGU
ZF 30040 NR2
ZF 30040 NR2B
ZF 30040 NR2H
ZF 30050 NR2
ZF 30050 NR2B
ZF 30050 NR2H
ZF 30340 SG
ZF 30340 SGD
ZF 30340 SGH
ZF 30350 SG
ZF 30350 SGD
ZF 30350 SGU
ZF W33100 NC
ZF W33100 NR
ZF 40060 NR2
ZF 40060 NR2B
ZF 40060 NR2H
ZF 40350 SG
ZF 40350 SGD
ZF 40350 SGU
ZF 40360 SG
ZF 40360 SGD
ZF 40360 SGU
ZF W43000 NC
ZF W43000 NR
ZF W43100 NC
ZF W43100 NR
ZF 43700 NR2
ZF 53000 NR2B
ZF 53000 NR2H
ZF 53000 NRH BU 5300 HW R/L‚ BU 5300 VWT
ZF 53000-1 NRH
ZF 53500 NR2B
ZF 53500 NR2H
ZF 53600 NR2H
ZF 53800 NR2B
ZF 53800 NR2H
ZF 60000 NR2H
ZF 60500 NR2H
ZF W63000 NR
ZF W63000 NR2H
ZF W83000 NC
ZF W83100 NC
ZF W83100 NR
ZF 83700 NR2H
ZF 83750 NR2H
ZF W93100 NC
ZF W93300 NC
ZF W93300 NR
ZF W103100 NC
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Some Spec Sheet Links & Model Conversions from www.marinepartsexpress.com
Some Spec Sheet Links from www.performancediesel.com
Some Spec Sheet Links from www.TADiesel.com
Prices for popular gears are available from www.marinepartsexpress.com
Specification Search at www.zf.com
More from www.zf.com

Brochures & Guides

2015 Product Overview (10pg PDF 1.9mb) from www.ZF.com
2013 Product Selection Guide (121pg PDF) from www.harbormarine.net
2014 Product Selection Guide (123pg PDF) from www.ZF.com
^ 2014 Product Selection Guide (123pg PDF) from www.bukh-bremen.de
2015 Product Selection Guide (145pg PDF 6.4mb) from www.ZF.com
2020 Product Selection Guide (160pg PDF 9.2mb) from www.ZF.com
Commercial and Fast Craft Brochure (9pg PDF 3.5mb 8/14) from www.ZF.com
Commercial Craft Thruster Systems (101pg PDF 33.8mb 8/14) from www.ZF.com
Control Systems (9pg PDF 927.1kb 10/14) from www.ZF.com
Government Applications (9pg PDF 1.4mb 10/14) from www.ZF.com
Hybrid-Ready Transmissions Brochure (3pg PDF 972.4kb 8/14) from www.ZF.com
SuperShift2 Transmissions Brochure (3pg PDF 557.7kb 10/14) from www.ZF.com
ToughGear Series Transmissions Brochure (3pg PDF 968kb 10/14) from www.ZF.com
Transmissions Functionalities Brochure (3pg PDF 1.4mb 8/14) from www.ZF.com
After-Sales-Service Brochure (13pg PDF 1.8mb 7/14) from www.ZF.com
Oil Filter Data (2pg PDF) from www.ZFMarineParts.com
^ Oil Filter Data (2pg PDF 2/14) from Seaboard Marine
ZF Marine Oil Filter Breakdown (2pg PDF) from Seaboard Marine
FIlter & Lubricant Cross Reference (11pg PDF) from www.marinepartsexpress.com
ZF Oil Specifications (9pg PDF 1/9/09) from Seaboard Marine
ZF 25 – ZF 85 Oil Level Cheat Sheet (1pg PDF) from Seaboard Marine
ZF Installation & Repair Manuals are FOR SALE from Seaboard Marine

If you can help us add brand information, Spec Sheets, Manuals, etc. that we lack, please submit the link or PDF to Editor@AbsolutelyEverythingAboutBoats.com so we can add it to the website. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What oil is in my transmission?
Models 5 through 85 will primarily use automatic transmission fluid. Models 220 through 60000 will generally use SAE 30W monograde engine oil. Refer to ZF FIlter & Lubricant Cross Reference (PDF) from www.marinepartsexpress.com for specific instructions or contact ZF.

What is my oil capacity?
Capacity is listed on Spec Sheet for your model. Look under the dimensions table. Many models have the capacity right on the gear on the ZF data tag.

Model Designations


  • Reversing transmissions
  • 3-Shaft configuration
  • Vertical offset (input above output)
  • Parallel offset


Inscript Description
No Letter Vertically Offset (input above output)
A Down-Angle
IV Integral Vee-drive (flanged on to engine)
M Mechanical clutch actuation
V Remote Vee-drive
TS TS: 2-Speed (power-shifting)
NC No Clutch
NR Non-Reversing
NR2 Non-Reversing, two shafts (input above output)
NR2B NR2B: Non-Reversing, two shafts (input below output)
NR2H Non-Reversing, two shafts (input horizontal output)
D Diagonal
H Horizontal
C Coaxial
SG Spur Gear (additional primary gear stage)


These designations for shaft rotation are not part of the model name but the required shaft rotation must be specified when ordering the transmissions. This is particularly important for non-reversing (NR) transmissions.

  • Engine-Wise (EW): output shaft rotates in same direction as input shaft or
  • Counter Engine-Wise (CEW): output shaft rotates in opposite direction to input shaft

For the standard, reversing transmissions, unless specifically stated, full power can be transmitted through either the forward or reverse gear trains.

Duty Ratings


Highly intermittent operation with very large variations in engine speed and power.

Average engine operating hours limit: 500 hours/year
300 hours/year for mechanical gearboxes
Typical hull forms: Planing
Typical applications: Private, non-commercial, non-charter leisure activities, no racing


Intermittent operation with large variations in engine speed and power.

Average engine operating hours limit: 2500 hours/year
(for hydraulic transmissions smaller than ZF 2000 series, 2000 hours/year)
Typical hull forms: Planing and semi-displacement
Typical applications: Private and charter, sport/leisure activities, naval and police activities


Intermittent operation with some variations in engine speed and power.

Average engine operating hours limit: 4000 hours/year
(for hydraulic transmissions smaller than ZF 2000 series and workboat ZF W2700 series, 3500 hours/year)
Typical hull forms: Semi-displacement and displacement
Typical applications: Charter and commercial craft (example: crew boats), and naval and police activities


Continuous operation with little or no variations in engine speed and power.

Average engine operating hours limit: Unlimited
Typical hull forms: Displacement
Typical applications: Heavy duty commercial vessels

Ratings apply to marine diesel engines at the indicated speeds. At other engine speeds, the respective power capacity (kW) of the transmission can be obtained by multiplying the Power/Speed ratio by the speed. Approximate conversion factors:

1 kW = 1.36 metric hp
1 kW = 1.34 U.S. hp (SAE)
1 U.S. hp = 1.014 metric hp
1 Nm = 0.74 lb.ft.
1 Kg = 0.454 lb

Ratings apply to right hand turning engines, i.e. engines having counterclockwise rotating flywheels when viewing the flywheel end of the engine. These ratings allow full power through forward and reverse gear trains, unless otherwise stated. Contact your nearest ZF Sales and Service office for ratings applicable to gas turbines, as well as left hand turning engines, and marine transmissions for large horsepower capacity engines. Ratings apply to marine transmissions currently in production or in development and are subject to change without prior notice.

NOTE: The maximum rated input power must not be exceeded (see respective ratings in the technical data sheets).

More from www.marine.zf.com

Contact Information

ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar, LLC
15351 SW 29th Street – Suite 300
Miramar, FL 33027
Phone: (954) 441-4040
Website: German, English
Contact Form: Technical Inquiry
Website: Parts and Service w/Contact Form
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