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Boat owner associations are a great place to find information, advice and comradery.


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The Boat Owners Association of the United States: BoatUS ⇔ BoatU.S.

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Alphabetical Directory of Boat Owner Associations
Engine Owner Associations Follow Below

>> Directory Under Development <<

Ablemarine Owners Group (n s y)
Alberg 35 Owners
Alberg 37 International Owners Association
Albin Cruisers
Albin Owners Group ( for A28 and larger owners)
Alglas Owners Group (n s y)
Allied Seawind II Owner’s Association
Aloha Owners Assn:
Aloha 27 Owners Group
Aloha 34 Network
American Sternwheel Association (ASA, sternwheeler owners’ group)
Atlantic Owners (n s y)
Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club (Dutch built motorsailer)
Bavaria Owners Association
Bayliner, Delta Bayliner Club, (California)
Bayliner Owners Club
Bayliner, (Sacramento Bayliner Club)
Bayliner Buccaneer’s Home Port
Beneteau Owners Association
Beneteau Club of Western Lake Erie and Lake St Clair
Bertram 31 Owners Group
Bertram 33 Owners Group,
Blackfin Owners Group (n s y)
Boston Whaler Owners Group, Continuous Whaler
Bristol Channel Cutter Owners Association
Burger Yachts (n s y)
C-Dory Owners Group
C&C Yachts, C&C Photo Album and Resource Center
Cabo Owners group (n s y)
Cal Yachts Online
Cape Dory Owners Association, California
Cape Dory Owners Association, The Lake Michigan (LMCDOA)
Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Assocation
Canel Craft (n s y)
Careel Cruising Yacht Association
Catalac Catamarans
Catboat Association
Catalina Yachts, The Regional Association of (San Diego) (no site yet)
C&C Sailing Association
C&C Yachts Photo Album
C-Dory Boat Owners Group
Cape Fear Yacht Works, Cape Fear 38 (n s y)
Cape Horn Marine, (n s y)
Camano Owners ( East Coast Cameo Owners )
Camano Owners ( NorthWest Cameo Owners )
Carver Owners Club
Catalina Owners
Catalina Yacht Club The Chesapeake (CCYC)
Catana, Catana Catamarans, (n s y)
Century Boat Owners
CHB Owners Group
CHB Owners
Cheoy Lee Shipyards
Cheoylee Assn.
Chris Craft Antique Boat Club
Chris Craft Capri 26
Chris Craft Commander Club
Chris Craft Owners
Chris Craft Boat Parts
Chris Craft Roamers
Chris Craft Sea Skiff Club
Chrysler Sailing Association (Info for owners of all Chrysler sailboats)
Cobia Boat Company, (n s y)
Cobra Owners Club
Columbia 50 Cruising Club
Com-Pac Yacht Owners Association
Concrete in the Bilge
(The Awesome Rawson Owners Association, connoiseurs of the Rawson 30 sailboat)
Contessa 26 Owners Association
Contessa 32 Association
Contest Owners Association
Couta Boat Club
Cruisers Owners Group (n s y)
CS Owners Association
DartSailer Club
DeFever Cruisers
Dodge Boat Owners Association
Donzi Owners Group (n s y)
Drascombe Association ( site not responding)
Durbeck Owners, (n s y)
Dyre Boats (n s y)
Edel Sailboat Owners Association
Egg Harbor Owners Association
Eister Werf Owners Assn: (in dutch and english)
Endeavourcat 30, Americat 3014, and Hutchins C-CAT
Endeavour Owners Forum
Eventide Owners Association
Fairline Owners Club
Fairely Owners Club
Freedon Yachts (no site yet)
Folkboat Association, The San Francisco Bay (site not responding)
The Finnish Folkboat Association (site not responding)
The Friendship Sloop Society
Gemini Catamaran Owners Association
Glasspar Owners Assn:
Grady White Owners
Glastron Owners Association
Grady White Owners Group, NorthEast Grady
Grady White , Gulf Coast Club
Grand Banks Owners of Puget Sound
GB Woodies Owners Assn:
Great Lakes Cruising Club, (GLCC)
Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA) “America’s”
Gulfstar Owners Club
Gulfstar Owners Club of St. Petersburg Fl
H28 Yacht Owners’ Association, The New Zealand
Hans Christian Owners Association (HCOA)
Hatteras Owners Group
Hatteras LRC Owners
Henriques Owners Group (n s y)
Hurley Owners Association
Independence Owners, (n s y)
Intercat 1500 Catamaran
Iroquois Owners Association (IOA, UK based association for Iroquois catamarans built from 1968-1986 by Sail Craft Ltd.)
Irwin Owners Homepage
J Boat Owners
Jeanneau Owners Network
Jefferson Owners group (n s y)
Kadey-Krogen Yachts
Hatteras LRC Club
Huckins Yachts (n s y)
Hunt Yachts (n s y)
Hunter Sailing Association, The Lake Ontario
Hunter Sailboats Owners Web, The Unofficial
Larson Boats, Cabrio, Escape, Hampton, classic, LXi, SEi, Flyer (n s y)
Leisure Owners Association
LeComte Owners
Lien Hwa Motor Yacht Owners Association
LM Motor Sailors (n s y)
Luhrs Boat Owners Assn:
Luhrs Owners
Lyman Boat Owner’s Association
Lyman Boat Society of North America (LBSNA) (site not responding)
Macgregor Owners Association of New England
Mako, Texas Mako Owners Club
Mako, Classic
Mainship Owners Assn: (Mainship Rules)
Marine Trader Owners Association, MTOA
Maxum Owners Group
Melonhead Page (site not responding)
Mercruiser Owners Forum
Meridian Owners Group
Monk Owners
Nordica 16 Owners Group
Nordica 20 Owners Group For Nordica 20, Halman 20 and Halman 21
Nauticat Association, The North American (An informal association of Nauticat owners and lovers)
Nordic Tugs
Nortic Tug Northeast Owners Association
Nordhavn Owner, (n s y)
Noremac Marine, Grew, Cutter, Profisher, Delta-jet, (no site yet)
Nor’Sea 27 Owners’ Association, The Northern California
Nova Marine Owners Group, (n s y)
Nova Scotia Schooner Association (site not responding)
Ocean Alexander Marine (N S Y)
Ocean Yacht Owners, Ocean Owners, (n s y)
O’day Owners Group
Offshore Owners Assn.
Owens Yacht Marque Club. West Coast Chapter
Pacemaker Boat Owners Association
Pacemaker Boat Owners
Pacific Seacraft Owners Organization (site not responding)
Pacific Seacraft 25 Owners Group
Pan Oceanic Owners Group (site not responding)
Penn Yan Boat Owners Club
Perry Catamarans
PDQ Owners Group, (n s y)
Pearson, National Pearson Yacht Owners Association
Pearson Ariel Association (n s y)
Pearson Triton Association (n s y)
Pearson Sailing Association of the Chesapeake Bay
Pearson 40 Owners Association
Penn Yan Boat Owners Club
Potter Yachters (The longest running West Wight Potter owners’ association)
Precision Sailboat Owners Page (n s y)
President Yacht Owner
Princess Owners Club
Post Owners Group (n s y)
Pursuit Owners Group (n s y)
Ranger 26 Round-Up (Owners’ association)
Rhodes Sailboats (n s y)
Rinker Boat Owners Group
Rogger Motorsailer Club (Dutch built motorsailers)
Seacraft, Classic
Sealine Owners Group ( No Site Yet)
Seamaster Club
SeaRay Owners
Searunner Trimarans Owners’ Association
Seawolf Owners Club
Shamrock Owners Group (fish the classic)
Silver Motor Yacht Association (n s y)
Silverton Owners Club
Snipe Fleet 444
Spencer Yacht Owners Group
Stanley Yachts 28, 36, 39, 44, (n s y)
Sundowner Tug Assn: (n s y)
Symbol Yachts (n s y)
Tartan Owners New England (n s y)
Tartan 37 Sailing Association
Tiara Owners Group (n s y)
Trojan Boat Owners Association
Venture/MacGregor Yacht Club of Dallas
Victory Sloop Owners, The National Association of (n s y)
Viking Owners Group (n s y)
Vintage Houseboat Club
Uniflite Owners Assn:
Wellcraft Owners Group (n s y)
Westsail Owners Association (WOA)
Westsail Owners
Willard Owners Assn: (n s y)


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Classic yacht Association (CYA) – Website:
FiberGlassics – Website:
Metal Boat Society (MBS) – Website:
Passagemaker – Website:
CHB Trawler Owners 
A moderated forum of nearly 1000 owners and others interested in the boats built in the CHB yards of Taiwan.  Imported as Chung Hwa, Fu Hwa, Marine Trader, Puget Trawler and almost a dozen other brand names, these classic trawlers were built from the mid 70’s to the late 80’s and have remained very popular amongst those who enjoy a slower more relaxed cruising style.  Though membership is worldwide, most are concentrated in the USA, and the group holds an annual rendezvous in the Pacific Northwest.

Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owner’s Association (CBGBOA) CBGBOA

The Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owner’s Association (CBGBOA) exists to help each of us more fully enjoy our boats, the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, and the camaraderie of each other. The Grand Banks name includes Heritage, Eastbay and Aleutian Series vessels. While the CBGBOA membership consists of owners, previous owners and vessels located primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region, we welcome any Grand Banks owner and urge you to join us to participate in our Rendezvous and weekend cruises, our other social activities, and to share in our newsletters.
Contact: Liz Hammond,

Chesapeake Mainship Group (CMG)

Membership represents current Mainship owners, former Mainship owners, or Mainship “wannabees”.  Most, although not all, members live or keep their boats on or near the Chesapeake Bay, or periodically or occasionally visit the Bay by boat.  There are over 100 boats or member families in our group. We have one marina rendezvous and 2 anchorage rendezvous remaining this season.  The information on these can be found on our website under Files/Rendezvous and Raftups/Rendezvous Plan.
Contact: Jerry Friedman,

DeFever Cruisers DeFeverCruisers

The DeFever Cruisers is a club for yachting enthusiasts. Most own a DeFever, but others are welcome. The club often cruises with fellow members and gathers for fun on scenic beaches, or rendezvous at a resort for seminars, open boats and spirited fellowship.

Hatteras LRC Club

We normally have an annual rendezvous and group gatherings. The club has an email exchange providing a good way to stay in touch on cruising plans and ask technical/maintenance questions.  Our website has a lot of club information, LRCs for sale, contacts, and rendezvous updates.  You don’t have to be an owner to join; many join to get knowledgeable on LRCs before buying.
Contact: Vince Birleson,, (619) 370.1537

Krogen Cruisers Group
The Krogen Cruisers group represents owners of Kadey Krogen yachts on both coasts, and hold annual rendezvous on both coasts.  The east coast rendezvous is in Solomons, MD while the west coast rendezvous is normally in the San Juan Islands area of Washington. There is a list serve to provide a focal point for owners to share stories, tips, maintenance issues, etc., as well as just getting together. The east coast rendezvous normally attracts about 120 people.

Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA) mtoa_turtle

Are you a trawler owner or trawler-owner wan-a-be? Do you own a different type of boat but love the trawler lifestyle? MTOA, the Marine Trawler Owners Association, is for you! MTOA currently holds two national rendezvous (northern and southern) and numerous regional rendezvous around the country.

Nordhavn Dreamers nordhavn dreamers

For those who want to own a Nordhavn, but aren’t quite ready to buy, the Nordhavn Dreamers group is for you! This forum is for current and future Nordhavn owners. Anyone can join and it is self-moderated.

Nordhavn Owners

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and around the world…bringing Nordhavn owners together from all corners of the Seven Seas.The Nordhavn Owners group is a forum meant for current Nordhavn owners to discuss their boats and cruising in them. The forum is moderated by Nordhavn 47 owner Milt Baker. Permission to join is required.
Contact: Milt Baker,

Northeast Mainship Group (NEMG)
The Northeast Mainship Group is a highly active group comprised of owners of both old and new Mainships from the areas of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The group meets monthly during the fall/winter months and holds two or three raft-ups during the summer boating season.
Contact: Roy Schoenfeld,

Northeast Nordic Tug Owners Association (NENTOA) Northeast Nordic Tug

Membership in NENTOA is open to all current and previous Nordic Tug owners. Although we are based in the northeast, we also have members from as far away as California and Washington and from several southern states as well. Members pay no dues, but we do ask that each crew purchase a handsome NENTOA burgee, which we offer at cost. 13th Annual NENTOA Rendezvous will take place at Essex Island Marina, July 24-26, 2013
Contact: Dick Seymour,, (914) 391.7076

Northern New England Sabre Owners Association (NNESA) NNESA

NNESA was formed in the fall of 1999 to bring together Sabre owners in the northern New England area, from New Hampshire to Maine, and to maintain close ties to Sabre Yachts. NNESA has sponsored regular meetings, sailing rendezvous, dinners, and has a distinctive burgee available to members.
Contact: Paul Cournoyer,

Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association (PaNNTOA)
Membership is open to all Nordic Tug owners with primary emphasis on tug owners whose boats are moored in the waters of the Pacific Northwest region. Persons actively aspiring to be Nordic Tug owners, previous Nordic Tug owners, persons, organizations, and corporations who wish to be associated with PaNNTOA may also apply for membership. The PaNNTOA Board has selected Anacortes to be the site of the 2013 Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Rendezvous. The dates will be June 13-16, 2013.
Contact: Charlie Billings,

Selene Owner’s Group Selene

Is an informal group with over 220 registered owners and 600 guest users from around the world. The Selene Owner’s Group website offers news – cruising and technical stories from Selene Owners, time information, discussion forums, photo gallery, owner’s database, and a Selene map where owners can report their position. The Northwest US Selene community has an annual rendezvous in Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands, usually the last weekend in April. The Northeast US community has somewhat less regular rendezvous at various locations along the east coast.

Seven Seas Cruising Association, Inc. ssca_base_logol

Seven Seas Cruising Association, Inc. is the largest organization of voyaging cruisers in the world. The goals of the original founders are still the goals of SSCA today: sharing cruising information, camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. Founded in 1952, SSCA is celebrating 60 years of making cruising dreams come true. Become an SSCA member and participate in the fellowship of worldwide cruisers. You’ll be rewarded with lasting friendships of like-minded, caring people who are there for one another when help is needed; who are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with you. Visit our website and take our Virtual Tour to see all of the benefits of being an SSCA member.

Southeast Nordic Tug Owners Association (SENTOA) Southeast Nordic Tug

SENTOA is an organization run by volunteers. The primary purpose is to enhance the Nordic Tug ownership experience. SENTOA is open to all Nordic Tug owners and prospective owners regardless of geographic location.
Contact: Bill Keltner,

Tennant Owners Group
Malcolm Tennant has designed a number of power catamarans.  His followers have taken the projects as “one-offs” and built the cats all over the world, from New Zealand, to Chile, Brazil, the United States and even Paraguay.  Where are they now?  JP & Marie Dufour, owners of the DOMINO launched in 2009, traveling around the world.  They are willing to head a TENNANT OWNERS GROUP. If you’d like to stay in touch with other MTD owners, contact JP & Marie Dufour:

The Cheoy Lee Association Cheoy

This is a non-dues group to bring Cheoy Lee owners together with contact information on owners, a forum for questions, etc. We have over 1,400 members from over 60 countries.  Our association is a very loose organization. The website has lots of info on the 60 plus models Cheoy Lee produced.
Contact: James McGarvey,

The Fleming Owner’s Forum fleming

The Fleming Owner’s Forum has over 118 registered Fleming Yachts owners from around the world. Our website provides a news page that has cruising stories from Fleming owners.  On the public side of the website a Tide information page for selected locations around the world is available, and also a photo gallery page. The remainder of the website is closed to all but verified Fleming yacht owners, and it includes a discussion and cruising forum, an owner’s database, and a Fleming map where owners can report their position. Within the U.S., there are regularly scheduled Fleming rendezvous held on the East Coast and West Coast.
Contact: Ron Ferguson,

True North Owners Association (TNOA) TNOA

True North Owner’s Association website has recently been revamped to serve its members better by being more informative, user friendly fun place to frequent.
This new site includes features for every True North owner. You can keep updated on the TNOA board meetings minutes, peruse photos of your fellow True North yachts and join in conversations about a variety of subjects.

Tugnuts is Ranger Tugs owners’ forum.
Contact: Bruce Moore,
Carver Cruisers YC
Tollycraft Boating Club
Metal Boat Society
Bayliner Owners Club
The Chris Craft Commander Club
Chris Craft Rendezvous of the Pacific NW
Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association
Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association
Regal Owners Club
Sea Ray Cruising Club Northwest
Sea Ray Owners Forum
Tollycraft Boating Club
Uniflite World

Sailboat Owners’ Groups:

More from The Mother of All Maritime Links.

Alphabetical Directory of Engine Owner Associations

> Directory Under Development <<

The Antique Outboard Motor Club

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Detroit Diesel 8.2 Liter “Fuel Pincher” V8 Engine
Cummins V-555 & VT-555 “Triple-Nickel” V8 Diesel Engine
Lehman 120 (6D380) Diesel Engine (Ford 2704C & 2715E)
Ford Industrial Power Products Diesel Engines
How to Identify Ford Diesel Engines
Ford 2715E Diesel Engine
Lehman Mfg. Co.
Perkins Engines
Universal Atomic 4
Sears Waterwitch & Elgin Outboard Motors
Chrysler & Force Outboards
Eska Outboard Motors
Allison Transmission
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Marine Surveyors by Country
American Marine Ltd (Grand Banks)
Boat Inspection (Types of Marine Surveys)
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    4. (The "∨", "∨∨", "∨∨∨",+ symbols indicate that the path line continues with whatever follows the "∧", "∧∧", "∧∧∧",+ symbols respectively. "∧" Precedes each MAIN TOPIC Page.)
  2. PAGE CONTENTS (Table of Contents with links to each main section on the page).
  3. PAGE BODY (The type of page determines the contents of its body as follows:).
    1. TOPIC PAGES (Topic Treatment: Introduction, Overview, Background, Details,+).
      • (Many Topic Pages contain Directories of Vendors with Links).
      • (Most Directory Listings are Alphabetical and/or by Locale).
    2. VENDOR PAGES (Vendor's Profile, Contact Information, Products, Services,+).
      • (Manufacturers, Resellers, Refitters, Yards, Surveyors, Clubs, Schools, Authors,+).
      • (Boating & Travel Destinations are treated as Vendors on their own Vendor Pages).
    3. PRODUCT PAGES (Product Features, Vendor Links, Specifications, Documentation,+).
      • (Media created by a vendor is often treated as a Product on its own Product Page).
      • (Boating & Travel Events are often treated as Products on their own Product Pages).
  4. RELATED RESOURCES (Topics, Vendors, Products, Media: Books, Websites,+ with Links).
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— Topics of Webpages —
Website Pages are categorized under the following 16 MAIN TOPICS:

The MAIN TOPICS follow a natural progression from building of the vessel thru its
marketing, survey, financing, insuring, transport, moorage, use and upkeep.
The MAIN TOPICS (all Caps) below are followed by their Main Subtopics.

00 – HOME: CONTENTSABOUT EAB: Contact EAB, Abbreviations & Symbols, FAQ, GLOSSARY, ADs,+.
01 – ABOUT BOATS w/Museum Directory: Early History, Recent History, Modern Vessel Types,+.
02 – BOAT BUILDING, OUTFITTING, REFITTING & REPAIR: Materials, Equipment, Builders,+.
03 – BOAT MARKETING: Boat Shows, Dealers & Brokers, Importing & Exporting, Auctions & Sales,+.
04 – BOAT INSPECTION: Types of Marine Surveys, Marine Surveyors, Schools, DIY Inspections,+.
05 – BOAT TITLES & VESSEL REGISTRY: Boat Title & Registration, Vessel Registry, Title Co's,+.
06 – BOAT FINANCING: Conventional (Banks, Credit Unions,+), Unconventional (Creative),+.
07 – BOAT INSURANCE: Maritime & Recreational: Coverage, Carriers, Agents,+., Claim Processing,+.
08 – BOAT TRANSPORT: By Sea (Piggyback, Delivery Skippers & Crews, & Towing), Over-Land,+.
09 – BOAT HAULING & LAUNCHING: Drydocks, Ways, Lifts, Cranes & Hoists, Launch Ramps,+.
10 – BOAT MOORAGE & STORAGE: Builders, Anchorages, Marinas, Yards, Racks & Stacks,+.
11 – BOATING ORGANIZATIONS: Yacht Clubs & Sailing Clubs, Paddling Clubs, Boat Owners,+.
12 – BOATING & TRAVEL: Events, Destinations, Boat Rentals & Charters, Cruises, Voyages,+.
13 – BOATING & MARITIME EDUCATION: Recreational Seamanship, Ship's Master & Crew,+.
14 – MARINE LAWS & REGULATIONS: International & National LawsLawyers‚ Investigators‚+.
15 – DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY): Boat Building & Refitting, Boat Sales, Boat Inspections, Classes,+.
16 – MEDIA w/Creator Directory + Academy eLibrary: pDocs, Books, Magazines, Videos, Websites,+.

The MAIN TOPICS and a more detailed listing of Subtopics can be found
on the Website Contents page and on the Right Sidebar.

What we have accomplished so far.
Anchors Aweigh Academy and its website.

  • Published over 50,000 website pages about boats and boating, bringing us closer to reaching our goal of becoming "The ultimate reference resource about boats and ships for everyone from the beginning recreational boater to the seasoned professional mariner!"
  • Published over 300 website main topic webpages, many with full articles on the topic. See our Website Contents or the Right Sidebar for the listing of the main topic pages.
  • Published over 9,000 marine vendor webpages, all with their contact information, most with a description of their products and services, many with product documentation, specifications and independent reviews. (incl.: Boat designers, boat building tools, material and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, boat builders and dealers, yacht brokers, marine surveyors, boat insurers, boat transporters, skippers and crews, boatyards and marinas, yacht clubs, boat rentals and yacht charters, boating, seamanship and maritime schools, marine law attorneys and expert witnesses, boat refitters and repairers, book authors, magazine publishers, video producers, and website creators)
  • Acquired over 120,000 pages of product documentation including Catalogs, Brochures, SpecSheets, Pictures, Serial Number Guides, Installation Manuals, OpManuals, Parts Catalogs, Parts Bulletins, Shop Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Service Bulletins, and Recalls. And have made all viewable to Academy Members through our EAB website eLibrary.
  • Acquired over 1,200 books and magazine back issues in our academy library and so far have made over 700 viewable to Academy Members through our EAB website eLibrary.
  • Published over 500 DIY How-To articles about boat design, construction, inspection, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. We are working hard to do more.

We are currently formatting and polishing the Anchors Aweigh Academy online and hands-on courses. Our Marine Surveying course has proven to be excellent for both the beginner and the seasoned surveyor, and especially helpful to the Do-It-Yourselfer.

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