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TITLE : Subtitle — Creators (Authors‚ Editors‚ Illustrators‚+) – Source (Publishers‚+) DS
ABOS Marine Blue Book —
Barrington Diesel Club (Diesel Engine Specifications and Manuals) (Diesel Engine‚ Marine Gear & Genset Specs‚ Articles‚ etc.) —
Boat Info (Boat Equipment Brochures‚Manuals‚ etc.)
BUC Price Guides —
Buy Real Gas (Non Ethanol Directory) —
DIY Boat Owner Magazine — OUT OF BUSINESS
Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace —
FiberGlassics —
Foley Engines — (Tech Tips)
Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum
^ Man Who Builds The Thunderboats‚ The — Bill Ames – Science & Mechanics‚ August‚ 1974 – Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum‚ Jan 19‚ 2017
John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page —
Marine Travelift (Wheeled Boat Lifts) —
Mother of All Maritime Links‚ The
NADA Price Guides —
National Marine Lenders Association
Ocean Cruising Club —
Passagemaker —
Pat's Boating in Canada —‚
Pure-Gas (Non Ethanol Directory) —
Talk of the Dock (Boat & Gear Reviews‚ etc.) —
US Cargo Control (Tie Downs‚ Slings & Lifting Straps‚ etc.) —
Wayne V. Canning – SAMS AMS® Articles & Videos —
Title – + (Notes) — Creator – Source

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Websites Categorized by Topic Pages

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the Alphabetical List of Websites Related to that Topic.

0 – HOME Page w/Featured Articles.

1 – ABOUT BOATS: (w/Links to Maritime Museums).
1.1 – Early History.
1.2 – Recent History.
1.3 – Modern Vessel Types.

2.1 – Boat Designing Schools.
2.2 – Boat Designers: (Naval Architects, Boat Plans, Kits,+).
2.3 – Statutes & Standards.
2.3.1 – Laws by Country.
2.3.1.^ – Laws: Canada.
2.3.1.^ – Laws: United Kingdom.
2.3.1.^ – Laws: United States.
2.3.2 – Industry Standards.
2.3.2 – ^ International Maritime Organization (IMO).
2.3.2 – ^  International Standards Organization (ISO).
2.3.2 – ^  American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).
2.3.2 – ^  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
2.3.3 – Classification Societies.
2.3.3 – ^ UK: Lloyd’s Register.
2.3.3 – ^ US: American Bureau of Shipping.
2.4 – Boat Building & Refitting Tools,+: (Vendors, Specs, Manuals, Recalls,+).#rr-books
2.5 – Boat Materials: (Qualities, Vendors, Specs, Manuals, Recalls,+).
2.5.1 – Wood: (Carvel, Clinker/Lapstrake, Veneer/Plywood, Cold Molded,+).
2.5.2 – Metal: Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Copper,+.
2.5.3 – Ferrocement.
2.5.4 – FRP Composites: Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber,+. (Incl. Plastic)
2.6 – Boat Equipment: (Vendors, Specs, Manuals, Reviews, Recalls,+).
2.6.1 – Steering & Thrusters.
2.6.2 – Stabilizers & Trim Plates.
2.6.3 – Dewatering Devices: (Bailers, Bilge Pumps,+).
2.6.4 – Galvanic Corrosion Protection.
2.6.5 – Hull Penetrations & Openings: (Thru-Hulls, Scuttles, Skylights, Hatches,+).
2.6.6 – Deck Hardware & Equipment. – Ground Tackle. – Commercial Fishing Gear.
2.6.7 – Rigging: (Rig Types, Standing Rigging, Running Rigging, Vendors, Riggers,+). – Sails: (Sail Types, Aerodynamics, Vendors, Sailmakers,+).
2.6.8 – Propulsion Machinery: (Types, Configurations, Features, Control Systems,+). – Engines: (Brands‚ Manufacturers, Marinizers, Resellers,+). – Engine-to-Marine Gear Interfaces: (SAE Specs, Damper Plates, Jackshafts,+). – Marine Gears: (Reversing, Reduction; Mechanical, Hydraulic). – Shafting: (Propshafts, Couplings, Seals, Bearings, Struts, Keys, Nuts,+). – Propellers.
2.6.9 – Electrical Systems: DC & AC: (Direct Current, Alternating Current,+). – Auxiliary Generators. – DC-to-AC Inverters.
2.6.10 – Navigation & Communication Systems.
2.6.11 – Safety Equipment: (Life Rafts, PFDs, Firefighting Eq., Alarms, Medical Kits,+).
2.6.12 – Domestic Systems. – LPG Systems. – Cabin Heating & Cooling. – Galley Appliances: (Refrigeration, Galley Stoves, LPG/CNG Systems). – Water & Waste Systems. – Trash Disposal. – Furnishings: (Cabinetry, furniture, Coverings, Entertainment, Weather,+).
2.6.13 – Personal Equipment.
2.6.13.^ – Diving: (Commercial & Sport).
2.6.13.^ – Fishing: (Sport).
2.6.13.^ – Racing: (Sail, Offshore Power, Powerboat, Hydroplane,+).
2.6.13.^ – Sailing: (Foul Weather Gear, Safety Harnesses,+).
2.6.13.^ – Watersports: (Surfing, Skiing, Boarding, Tubing,+).
2.6.14 – Tenders.
2.6.15 – Boat Trailers.
2.7 – Marine Suppliers by Country.
2.7.^ – Marine Suppliers: Canada.
2.7.^ – Marine Suppliers: United Kingdom.
2.7.^ – Marine Suppliers: United States.
2.8 – Boat Building, Outfitting, Refitting & Repair Schools: (Incl. DIY).
2.9 – Boat Builders: A∼Z and Vessel Types.
2.10 – Boat Builders by Country.
2.10.^ – Boat Builders: Canada.
2.10.^ – Boat Builders: United Kingdom.
2.10.^ – Boat Builders: United States.
2.10.^.^ – Boat Builders by US MIC.
2.11 – Boat Refitters by Country: (Shipyards, Boatyards, Riggers, Repair Shops,+).
2.11.^ – Boat Refitters: Canada.
2.11.^ – Boat Refitters: United Kingdom.
2.11.^ – Boat Refitters: United States.
2.12 – DIY: Boat Building, Outfitting, Refitting & Repair. (incl. Maintenance).

3 – BOAT MARKETING: (Online Classified Ads, Free Magazines with Ads, Price Guides).
3.1 – Boat Shows by Country.
3.1.^ – Boat Shows: Canada.
3.1.^ – Boat Shows: United Kingdom.
3.1.^ – Boat Shows: United States.
3.2 – Boat Dealers & Yacht Brokers by Country.
3.2.^ – Boat Dealers & Yacht Brokers: Canada.
3.2.^ – Boat Dealers & Yacht Brokers: United Kingdom.
3.2.^ – Boat Dealers & Yacht Brokers: United States.
3.3 – Importing & Exporting.
3.4 – Auctions & Sales: (Government, Seizure, Foreclosure, Repo, Insurance, Donation,+).
3.5 – DIY: Private Boat Sales: (Buyers & Sellers).

4.1 – Types of Marine Surveys.
4.2 – Marine Surveyors by Country.
4.2.^ – Marine Surveyors: Canada.
4.2.^ – Marine Surveyors: United Kingdom.
4.2.^ – Marine Surveyors: United States.
4.3 – Marine Surveying Schools.
4.4 – DIY: Boat Inspections.

5.1 – Boat Titles & Registration.
5.2 – Vessel Registry: (Documentation, Licensing).
5.2.1 – Vessel Title Companies by Country.
5.2.1.^ – Vessel Title Companies: Canada.
5.2.1.^ – Vessel Title Companies: United Kingdom.
5.2.1.^ – Vessel Title Companies: United States.

6.1 – Banks.
6.2 – Credit Unions.

7.1 – Types of Insurance Policies.
7.2 – Insurance Companies.
7.3 – Insurance Agencies by Country.
7.3.^ – Insurance Agencies: Canada.
7.3.^ – Insurance Agencies: United Kingdom.
7.3.^ – Insurance Agencies: United States.
7.4 – Claim Processing.
7.4.1 – Filing a Claim.
7.4.2 – Repair Facility Claim Procedures.
7.4.3 – Claim Resolution.
7.4.4 – Subrogation.
7.4.5 – Claim Cases.

8.1 – Boat Transport by Sea.
8.1.1 – Piggyback.
8.1.2 – Delivery Skippers & Crews.
8.1.3 – Towing: (Tugs, Towboats,+).
8.2 – Boat Transport Over Land.
8.2.1 – Boat Transporters: (by type and size).

9.1 – Hoists by Country: (Slipways, Railways, Drydocks, Elevators, Cranes, Lifts,+).
9.1.^ – Hoists: Canada.
9.1.^ – Hoists: United Kingdom.
9.1.^ – Hoists: United States.
9.2 – Launch Ramps by Country: (Public & Private).
9.2.^ – Launch Ramps: Canada.
9.2.^ – Launch Ramps: United Kingdom.
9.2.^ – Launch Ramps: United States.

10.1 – Moorage & Storage Builders: (Moorings, Marinas, Docks, Racks, Stacks, Lifts, RxR,+).
10.2 – Anchorages by Country.
10.2.^ – Anchorages: Canada.
10.2.^ – Anchorages: United Kingdom.
10.2.^ – Anchorages: United States.
10.3 – Marinas by Country.
10.3.^ – Marinas: Canada.
10.3.^ – Marinas: United Kingdom.
10.3.^ – Marinas: United States.
10.4 – Yards, Racks & Stacks by Country.
10.4.^ – Yards, Racks & Stacks: Canada.
10.4.^ – Yards, Racks & Stacks: United Kingdom.
10.4.^ – Yards, Racks & Stacks: United States.

11 – BOATING ORGANIZATIONS: (Cruising Clubs, Educational, Gov Aux,+).
11.1 – Yacht Clubs by Country.
11.1.^ – Yacht Clubs: Canada.
11.1.^ – Yacht Clubs: United Kingdom.
11.1.^ – Yacht Clubs: United States.
11.2 – Sailing Clubs by Country.
11.2.^ – Sailing Clubs: Canada.
11.2.^ – Sailing Clubs: United Kingdom.
11.2.^ – Sailing Clubs: United States.
11.3 – Boat Owner Associations.

12.1 – Events by Country: (Festivals, Rendezvous, Cruises, Races, Derbies,+).
12.1.^ – Events: Canada.
12.1.^ – Events: United Kingdom.
12.1.^ – Events: United States.
12.2 – Destinations by Country: (Anchorages, Attractions, Food, Lodging,+).
12.2.^ – Destinations: Canada.
12.2.^ – Destinations: United Kingdom.
12.2.^ – Destinations: United States.
12.3 – Weather & Tides: (Sun & Moon, Rise & Set).
12.4 – Boat Rentals & Charters by Country: (Fishing, Barefoot, Crewed,+).
12.4.^ – Boat Rentals & Charters: Canada.
12.4.^ – Boat Rentals & Charters: United Kingdom.
12.4.^ – Boat Rentals & Charters: United States.
12.5 – Licensed Masters: (Crewed Charters, Sea Trials, Deliveries,+).
12.6 – Commercial Passage: (Cruises, Freighters, RV Barge Cruises,+).
12.7 – Member Voyages.

13 – BOATING & MARITIME EDUCATION: (Operator Qualification,+).
13.1 – Boating Safety Classes: (Pleasure Craft Operator’s Cards,+).
13.1.1 – Boating Safety: (Accidents, Prevention, Man-Overboard, Search & Rescue,+).
13.2 – Boating & Seamanship Training.
13.2.1 – Seamanship Schools.
13.2.2 – Sailing Schools.
13.2.3 – One-On-One Training.
13.3 – Maritime Schools.
13.3.1 – Captain’s License Classes & Testing.

14.1 – Laws by Country: (Operator & Equipment Requirements,+).
14.1.^ – Laws: Canada.
14.1.^ – Laws: United Kingdom.
14.1.^ – Laws: United States.
14.2 – Admiralty Law.
14.2.1 – International Treaties: (SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREGS,+).
14.3 – Insurance Law.
14.4 – Personal Injury.
14.5 – Product Liability.
14.6 – Consumer Protection.
14.7 – Law Firms by Country.
14.7.^ – Law Firms: Canada.
14.7.^ – Law Firms: United Kingdom.
14.7.^ – Law Firms: United States.
14.8 – Investigators, Consultants & Expert Witnesses.
14.9 – Actual Cases.

15.1 – DIY: Boat Building, Outfitting, Refitting & Repair: (Incl. Maintenance).
15.2 – DIY: Private Boat Sales: (Buyers & Sellers).
15.3 – DIY: Boat Inspections: (Pre-Survey, Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale, Pre-Voyage, Sea Trials,+).
15.4 – DIY: Schools & Classes: (Boat Building, Outfitting, Refitting, Inspecting, Repair,+).

16 – MEDIA w/Creator Directory: (Authors, Editors, Publishers,+) + Academy eLibrary.
16.1 – Documentation: (Catalogs, Ads, SpecSheets, Manuals, TechVids, Bulletins, Recalls‚+).
16.2 – Books: (Bound, eBooks,+).
16.3 – Magazines: (Incl. Articles, Back Issues,+).
16.4 – Videos: (How-to-Tutorials, Documentaries, Travelogues,+).
16.5 – Websites: (Incl. Articles, Forum Posts, Tech Tips, Tech Notes, Social Media,+).

Related Resources:
Topic Pages, Directories, Vendors, Products, Media, etc.
Categorized by Topic & Hierarchy w/Links.

TABLE KEY: Resource Types are identified by the following Resource Codes (RC).
T = Topic Page.
TD = Topic Page w/Directory
D = Directory Page.
V = Vendor.
MV = Media Vendor/Creator.
MS = Media Source.
P = Product.
B = Book.
M = Magazine.
MA = Magazine Article.
Vid = Video.
W = Website.
WA = Website Article.
F = Forum.
FP = Forum Post.
S = Social Media.
SP = Social Media Post.
NOTES: Resource Codes are arranged above by resource hierarchy.
Resource Codes are displayed in the Right Column labeled "RC".
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RELATED RESOURCES: Topics‚ Directories‚ Vendors‚ Products‚ etc. RC
# – TOPIC: (Notes) T
#.# – Topic: (Subordinate) T
#.#.^ – Topic: (Non-Numbered Subordinate) T
#.# – ^ Title (Directory‚ Vendor‚ Product‚ etc) T
#.# – ^ Media Title — Creators (Authors‚ Editors‚ Illustrators‚+) – Source (Publishers‚+) ?
16 – MEDIA w/Creator Directory: (Authors‚ Editors‚ Publishers‚+) + Academy eLibrary TD
16.1 – Documentation: (Catalogs‚ Ads‚ SpecSheets‚ Manuals‚ TechVids‚ Bulletins‚ Recalls‚+) TD
16.2 – Books: (Bound‚ eBooks‚+) TD
16.3 – Magazines: (Incl. Articles‚ Back Issues‚+) TD
16.4 – Videos: (How-to-Tutorials‚ Documentaries‚ Travelogues‚+) TD
16.5 – Websites: (Incl. Articles‚ Forum Posts‚ Tech Tips‚ Tech Notes‚ Social Media‚+) TD
# – Title – + (Notes) — Creator – Source ?

The page may contain rough drafts that include raw source materials.

Additional Website Directories

B.C. Tides and Currents –
BC Marine Parks Forever Society –
B.C. Weather –
BoatUS (Boat Owners Association of the United States) –
Boating at Washington State Parks –
The Burgee Book –
Canadian Coast Guard –
Canadian Customs – Canpass –
Canadian Recreational Fishing  –
Council of British Columbia Yacht Clubs –

FCC – Ship Radio Information –
Float Plan Registry –
Fuel Prices, Marine Diesel –
International Power Boat Association –
Kids Water Safety by Corps of Engineers (Great!) –
Marine Exchange of Puget Sound –
Marine Yellow Pages –
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators –
National Boating Federation –
National Safe Boating Council –
NOAA Local Tides –
NOAA National Weather Service – Seattle –
NOAA Tide Prediction, State and Region –
Northwest Boat Travel –
Northwestern Boating Council –
Northwest Boating Magazine –
US Coast Guard AIS Info: –
US Customs Duties –
US Customs User Fee Decal Program –
USCG Office of Boating Safety –
USCG “Northwest Watch” Program –
The Waggoner –
Wash Fish and Wildlife License Information –
Wash. DOL – Boat Registration –
Washington Shoreline Aerial Photos –
Washington State Ferries (WSF) Route Weather –
WEATHER, N.W. Marine, U of W Boater Information System –
WSF Sailing Schedule –
More from Recreational Boating Assoc of Washington –

Useful Links For Boaters & Marine Surveyors

Local Links

Ballard Diving & Salvage Inc. – Seattle, Washington
MIASMarine Insurance Association of Seattle

Boat Information

Digital Boat Brochures – Have an old brochure Emailed – Engine Manuals, Engine Serial Number Information and Parts
Engine Serial Number Locations & Model Year Data
Engine Serial Number (MerCruiser) & Model Year Data
Jibs – Database of Sailboat Specifications
United States Coast Guard – Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) Database
PowerBoat Guide

Boat Values

BUCValu – Used Boat Price Guides
Computer Boat Values – Canadian Boat Values
NADA Guides – On-Line


Convert by Josh Madison – A comprehensive measurement conversion program
Currency Converter
Marine Converters and Calculators – Convert Just About Anything to Anything
Welcome to – The ultimate resource for unit conversion

Classification / Certification Organizations

ABS – American Bureau of Shipping – USA
ClassNK – Japan
DNV – Det Norske Veritas – Norway
IMCI – International Marine Certification Institute
IS – International Register of Shipping – UK
MCA – Maritime & Coast Guard Agency – UK
National Cargo Bureau, Inc. – New York, NY, USA

Continuing Education

Educational Courses, Seminars & Meetings For Marine Surveyors
Abaris Training Resources – Inspection & Repair of Advanced Composite Structures
American Society of Appraisers
Chapman School of Seamanship
ProBoat E-Training – Professional BoatBuilder Magazine’s Online Source for Marine Education
Havorn Marine Survey & Shipwright School – Seattle Washington
Maritime Bureau – Online Education for the Professional Surveyor
Maritime College – State University of New York
National Cargo Bureau – Cargo & Ship Safety Training
Sailing Knowledge – UK
Sea School – Serving Mariners Since 1977
WoodenBoat School – Brooklin, Maine

Dictionary/Thesaurus/Encyclopedia – Oxford Dictionaries – Practical Shipping Vocabulary
Maritime Dictionary – by
Merriam-Webster Online
Online Nautical Dictionaries
Spanish For Cruisers – Boat Repairs & Maintenance Phrase Book
TechDictionary – Thousands of Technology Terms
TheFreeDictionary – by Farlex
Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit.

Industrial Supply On-Line

ABATIX – Supplier of Environmental Clean-up Products
Lab Safety Supply – Products & Information
McMaster-Carr Supply Company – Careful! You could spend hours here!
MSC Industrial Supply Company – Over Half a Million Items

Industry Associations

AMSEA – Alaska Marine Safety Education Association
ABYC – American Boat and Yacht Council
ABBRA – American Boat Builders & Repairers Association
ASA – American Society of Appraisers
ASNE – American Society of Naval Engineers
AFRIN – Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation – UK
BOAT/US – Technical Information Exchange
IAMI – International Association of Marine Investigators
ICGB – International Cargo Gear Bureau
IRCA – International Register of Certificated Auditors – United Kingdom
ISMA – International Ship Masters’ Association
MAIIF – Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum
MIAS – Marine Insurance Association of Seattle
NAMS – The National Association of Marine Surveyors
NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
NMMA Canada – Canadian Marine Manufacturers Association – Toronto, Ontario
NMMA USA – National Marine Manufacturers Association – USA
NPGA – National Propane Gas Association
N.P.F.V.O.A. – North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association
RYA – Royal Yachting Association – UK
SAMS® – The Society Of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.®
SNAME – Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers

Insurance Links

American Institute of Marine Underwriters
Container Handbook – German Insurance Association
Glossary of Ocean Cargo Insurance Terms
Grundy Insurance for Classic Boats
Lloyds of London
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Transport Information Service – German Insurance Association

Marine Engines
Marine Diesel Direct – Muskegon, Michigan


Dockwise Yacht Transport – Floating Drydock Service for Yachts
Google Earth – Satellite Pictures of Your Back Yard
Grossetti License Consulting – Mark Grossetti, A Premiere Maritime License Consultant
Marine Liens Limited – Look up or Publish Lien Information – Live Map of Ship Movements
Marinfloc – Bilge Water Treatment Systems – Sweden
OutSec – Transcription Service
SMS Flags – Marine Flags, Pennants & Burgees – Dunedin Florida – All U.S. Government Product Recalls
Yacht Clubs With Web Sites – World Wide

Nautical Charts

American Nautical Services – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Australian Hydrographic Service – Wollongong New South Wales
Bellingham Chart Printers – Discount Charts – Bellingham. Washington
Bluewater Books & Charts – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fugawi Marine – Worldwide Charts – Toronto, Ontario
Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Canadian Hydrographic Service
Imray Nautical Charts – St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK
Map Town – Calgary Alberta
Marine Chart Services – Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationOn-Line Chart Viewer
R. H. John Chart Agency – Houston & Galveston, Texas
Todd Chart Agency – County Down, Northern Ireland, UK

Oil & Fuel Analysis

ANA Laboratories – Bellmawr, New Jersey
Bently Tribology Services – Minden, Nevada
Design Maintenance Systems – North Vancouver, British Columbia
Engineered Lubricants – Maryland Heights, Missouri
Herguth Laboratories – Vallejo, California
Insight Services – Cleveland, Ohio
Intertek Testing and Inspection Services – Worldwide
Lubriport Labs – Floyd J. Friloux, SAMS® AFF – Kenner, Louisiana
The Oil Analysis Lab – Spokane, Washington
Oil Check Laboratory Services – Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
Panair Laboratory – Petroleum Product Testing, Miami, Florida
Polaris Laboratories – Indianapolis, Indiana – Houston, Texas – Salt Lake City, Utah
Predict – Cleveland, Ohio
Staveley Services Fluids Analysis – Glendale Heights, Illinois
WearCheck – Mississauga, Ontario & Cary, North Carolina


All About Houseboats
Boat For Sale (Canada)
Boating Industry
Boat & Harbors
Bone Yard Boats – Saving Old Boats Since 1996
Canadian Yachting
Claims Magazine
Classic Yacht Magazine
DIY Boat Owner Magazine!
Insurance Journal
Pacific Maritime Magazine
Powerboat Reports
Practical Sailor
Proceedings – USCG Journal
Professional BoatBuilder
Scuttlebutt Magazine
Showboats International
The Waterways Journal
Yachting & Boating World
Yachtbuilder International

Repair & Parts Resources

AquaClean Sail Cleaning and Rejuvenation – Toronto, Ontario
Best Fabrications – Aluminum & Stainless Steel Marine Parts – Marine Corrosion Control Products
D&R Marine – Replacement Parts For Sailboats
DeAngelo Marine Exhaust – Manufacturer – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Duramax® Marine – Cutless Bearings, Stuffing Boxes, Coolers & Fenders
R.W. Fernstrum & Company Keel Cooling Systems
Ideal Clamp – One of the Largest Manufacturers of Hose Clamps
Island Marine Instrument Company – Compass Repairs & Adjustment
Jamestown Distributors – Boatbuilding and Woodworking Supplies
Kano Laboratories – Clean Up & Lubricating Products
Planus – Marine Toilet Systems
Rub – Design, fabrication and Installation
Sea-way Marine – New Old Stock Parts – Outboards – Inboards – Drives
Titan Marine – Titanium Hose Clamps
Industrial Automation Components, Inc – Valves, Gauges & Regulators
Wilson Distribution – Plastic Pontoons

Engines & Drives

Propellers Shafts and Struts

Rudders, Tillers, Masts and Rigging

Windshields and Glass


iBRANDZ Search Marketing
Fiberglass Repair Estimator
Force 5 Survey Report Software – by Stevens & Stevens
Password Minder – By Joe LeBlanc – Keep Track of Passwords and Where You Need Them
NewAge Marine Survey Reporting System by Bob Ptak, SAMS® AMS®
Open Office – Free Office Suite, Compatible With All Other Major Office Suites
Software Registration Manager – By Joe LeBlanc – Keep Track of Licence and Registration Numbers
Wordweb – Free Dictionary / Thesaurus Program
Zeon DocuCom PDF – Convert any document to PDF

Structural Testing Laboratories

Aliya Analytical Failure Analysis and More – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Institute of Non-destructive Testing – UK
Pacific Testing Laboratories – Valencia, California,
Plastics Technology Laboratories – Plastics Testing
Structural Composites – Composite Testing Lab Melbourne Florida
University of Maine Composites Laboratory

Technical Information

Blisters & Laminate Hydrolysis – Zahniser’s Yachting Center – All You Need To Know About Marine Diesel Engines
Corrosion Protection Technologies – eCorr/2000
Cuprotect – Non-Toxic Hull Protection System
Gurit – A Wealth Of Information About Advanced Composite Materials
Interplastic Corporation – Product Literature: Technical Papers
Lock Nuts – How To Install Them Correctly
Marine Lightning Protection – Ewen M. Thomson
Nupol Composites – A Wealth Of Information About Advanced Composite Materials
OPD Information – (Overfilling Prevention Device for Propane Bottles) Mark’s RV Supplies
Sandmeyer Steel Company – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stainless Steel
SAE International -Society of Automotive Engineers – Standards & Guidelines
Yacht Statistics

Tools and Instruments

Barcol Impressor – Hardness Tester
Electrophysics UK and Electrophysics Canada – Moisture Meters
Flir Infrared Camera – by Flir Systems
The Hammer Source – 500 Kinds of Hammers
Kelman Freeboard Indicator
Phase II – Thickness Gauges
Professional Equipment, Inc. – Testing Equipment
Protimeter – Moisture Meters and Hygrometers
Strut Pro – Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool
Tool Experts – Boca Raton, Florida
Tramex Ltd – Moisture Meters
UE Systems – Ultrasonic Detection Technology
Western Instruments – Thickness Gauges

Vessel Registration, Regulations & Safety Resources

ASTA – American Sail Training Association
Australian List Of Registered Ships
Australian Shipping Registration Office
CPS – Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
IMCI – International Marine Certification Institute – European Union Regulations
Radio Licensing – UK
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
Occupational Safety & Health Administration – U.S. Department of Labor
Transport Canada – Marine Safety & Regulations
Transport Canada – Ship Registration Site (Documented Vessels)
TWIC – Transportation Worker Identification Credential – US Transportation Security Administration
United Kingdom Ship Registration – Operated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency
United States Coast GuardOffice of Boating Safety

United States Coast Guard – Backyard Boatbuilder’s Handbook
United States Coast Guard – Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) Database
United States Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD)
USCG Notices of Vessel Recalls & Safety Defects
United States Electronic Code of Federal Regulations – Searchable CFR’s
United States National Vessel Documentation Center
Look Up US Documented Vessels By Name or Number
USPS: United States Power Squadrons

Vessel Research & Design

Kasten Marine Design – Port Townsend, Washington
Mason Yacht Design Library
Royal Institution of Naval Architects – United Kingdom

Weather Related Sites

Commonwealth of Australia – Bureau of Meteorology
Compu-Weather – Forensic Meteorology (Past Weather Conditions)
Environment Canada – Canadian Weather Including Historical Data
Meteorology – UK.
NOAA – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (USA)
Vaisala – Lightning Event Analysis.
The Weather Underground – Free Weather Info

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Ford Industrial Power Products Diesel Engines
How to Identify Ford Diesel Engines
Ford 2715E
Lehman Mfg. Co.
Detroit Diesel 8.2
Universal Atomic 4
Chrysler & Force Outboards
Eska Outboard Motors
Perkins Engines
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Allison Transmission
American Marine Ltd (Grand Banks)
Boat Inspection
Types of Marine Surveys
Marine Surveyors by Country
Boat Builders By MIC
Beta Marine
American Boat and Yacht Counsel (ABYC)
USCG NVIC 07-95 Guidance on Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Wooden Hulls

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