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Book Titles Listed Alphabetically
with Links to EAB Book and Author Articles containing Details & Reviews

Books are also listed by category on EAB Topic Pages found on the Right Sidebar 

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Rigger’s Apprentice, TheBrion Toss.

7 Steps to Successful Boat DockingCaptains Ronald & Katherine Glampletro Redmond.
10 Wooden Boats You Can Build For Sail‚ Motor‚ Paddle‚ and OarPeter H. Spectre.
12 Volt Bible for BoatsMiner Brotherton.
12 Volt Doctor's Practical HandbookEdgar J. Beyn.
16th Century Galleon‚ ARichard Humble.
30-odd BoatsPhilip C. Bolger.
53 Boats You Can Build with CommentaryRichard Henderson.
55 Ways to the Wilderness of South Central AlaskaHelen Nienhueser.
85 Fishing Boat DesignsNational Fisherman.
100 Fast & Easy Boat ImprovementsDon Casey.
100 Small Boat RigsPhilip C. Bolger.
ABOS Marine Blue BookPenton.
Accidental Sailor‚ TheRod Heikell.
Across the Savage Sea : The First Woman to Row Across … AtlanticMaud Fontenoy.
Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines‚ TheTim Bartlett.
Adlard Coles Book of Electronic Navigation‚ TheTim Bartlett.
Adlard Coles Book of EuroRegs for Inland Waterways‚ TheMarian Martin.
Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising‚ TheRod Heikell.
Adlard Coles Book of Navigation Exercises‚ TheAlison Noice & James Stevens.
Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors‚ TheTim Bartlett.
Adriatic PilotRod Heikell.
Adriatic PilotT & D Thompson.
Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics TroubleshootingEd Sherman.
Adze‚ Canoe‚ and House Types of the Northwest CoastRonald L. Olson.
Adventures of a Reluctant Boating WifeAngela Rice.
Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing YachtsFabio Fossati.
Aero-Hydrodynamics of SailingCzeslaw A. Marchaj.
Age of Leif Eriksson‚ TheRichard Humble.
All in Good Time : When to Save‚ Stock Up‚ and Schedule …Tara Kuczykowski.
All in the Same Boat : Living Aboard and CruisingTom Neale.
Along the Edge of AmericaPeter Jenkins.
Aluminum BoatbuildingErnest H. Sims.
Aluminum Boatbuilding Guide — Glen L. Witt.
Amazing BoatsMargarette Lincoln.
American Merchant Seaman's Manual : For SeamenSeamen?.
American Practical Navigator‚ TheBowditch.
Anchoring : All Techniques for All BottomsDon Bamford.
Anchors : Selection and UseRobert Smith.
Art and Science of Sails‚ TheTom Whidden. & Michael Levit.
Art of Rigging‚ TheGeorge Biddlecombe.
Ashley Book of Knots — Clifford W. Ashley.
Automotive Upholstery HandbookDon Taylor.
Bad BoatsLaura Jensen.
Barefoot Navigator‚ TheJack Lagan.
Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North AmericaTappan Adney.
Basic Navel ArchitectureKenneth C. Barnaby.
Basic Ship Theory — K.J. Rawson & E.C. Tupper.
Basic Fishing : A Beginner's Guide — Wade Bourne.
Bathtub RacesReg Watts.
Best Anchorages of the Inside PassageAnne Vipond.
Big Book of Boat CanvasKaren S. Lipe.
Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration — Thomas Larsson.
Birth of the TitanicMcCaughan.
Black SeaDavid Read Barker & Lisa Borre.
Bluewater Handbook : A Guide to Cruising SeamanshipSteve & Linda Dashew.
BoatEric Kentley.
Boat Building Techniques IllustratedRichard Birmingham.
Boat Buyer's Guide to Express and Sedan Cruisers‚ TheEd McKnew.
Boat Buyer's Guide to Motor Yachts and Trawlers‚ TheEd McKnew.
Boat Buyer’s Guide to Sportfishing Boats‚ TheEd McKnew.
Boat Buyer's Guide to Trailerable Cruisers and Runabouts‚ TheEd McKnew.
Boat Buyer's Guide to Trailerable Fishing Boats‚ TheEd McKnew.
Boat Camping Haida Gwaii : A … Guide to the Queen Charlotte … — Neil Frazer.
Boat Canvas from Cover to CoverBob Lipe.
Boat Cosmetics Made SimpleSherri Board.
Boat Data BookIan Nicolson.
Boat Engines : A Manual for Work and Pleasure BoatsP. J. Bowyer.
Boat Improvement Bible‚ TheTarantoga.
Boat Interior ConstructionNaujok Michael.
Boat Maintenance : The Essential Guide — William Burr Jr.
Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook — Dave Gerr.
Boat Owner's ManualIntertec.
Boat Repair Made Easy – EnginesKaufman.
Boat Repair Manual‚ TheGeorge Buchanan.
Boat-Building and BoatingDaniel Carter Beard.
Boatbuilder's Apprentice‚ The : Ins and outs of … wooden boatsGreg Rössel.
Boatbuilder's Notebook — Glen L. Witt.
Boatbuilding : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat ConstructionHoward I. Chapelle.
Boatbuilding and Repairing With FiberglassMelvin D. C. Willis.
Boatbuilding Manual — Robert M. Steward.
Boatbuilding MethodsPeter Cook.
Boatbuilding on a Glass Fibre HullDave Gannaway.
Boatbuilding One-Off In FiberglassAllan H. Vaitses.
Boatbuilding with AluminumThomas Colvin.
Boatbuilding with AluminumStephen F. Pollard.
^Boatbuilding with Aluminum : A Complete Guide … — Stephen Pollard.
Boatbuilding with PlywoodGlen L. Witt & Ken Hankinson.
Boatbuilding With SteelGilbert C. Klingel.
Boatbuilding with Steel & Boatbuilding with AluminumKlingel & Colvin.
Boater's Pocket ReferenceThomas McEwan.
Boating 101 : Essential Lessons for BoatersRoger H. Siminoff.
Boating Alaska — ?.
Boating & Moorage in the '80s : … A Workshop Held at Seattle — ?.
Boating Bible‚ The : An Essential Handbook for Every Sailor — Jim Murrant.
Boating EtiquetteQueene Hooper & Pat Piper.
Boating in Coastal WatersOregon.
Boating Magazine's Powerboater's Guide to Electrical SystemsEdwin R. Sherman.
Boating Magazine's Quick & Easy Boat MaintenanceSandy Lindsey.
Boating Skills and SeamanshipUnited States.
Boatkeeper : … Maintenance‚ Repair‚ and ImprovementGladstone & Bottomley (Eds).
Boatless in Seattle : Getting on the Water … Boat!Sue Muller Hacking.
Boatman's Guide to Modern Marine Materials‚ TheErnest A. Zadig.
Boatman's Handbook : The New Look-it-up BookTom Bottomley.
Boatowner's Fitting Out ManualJeff Toghill.
Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion‚ The — Everett Collier.
Boatowner's Guide to Marine Electronics — Gordon West & Freeman Pittman.
Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical HandbookCharlie Wing.
Boatowner's Illustrated Handbook of WiringCharlie Wing.
Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical ManualNigel Calder.
Boatowner's Practical & Technical Cruising ManualNigel Calder.
Boatowner's Weekend WoodworkingGarth Graves.
Boats : A Manual for their DocumentationPaul Lipke (Mgr‚Ed)‚+.
Boats of AlaskaHarry M. Walker.
Boats with an Open Mind : Seventy-Five Unconventional Designs …Philip C. Bolger.
Boats‚ Ships‚ Submarines‚ and Other Floating MachinesIan Graham.
Boatwatch : Armchair Shopping 340 Sailboats 29' – 35'Max Wade Averitt.
Boatwatch : Master Guide to Sailboats of the WorldMax Wade Averitt.
Boatwatch : On-The-Water Guide to Pleasure Boat IdentificationMax Wade Averitt.
Boatwight's Companion — Taube.
Boatworks : Sailboat Maintenance‚ Repair‚ and Improvement … — Sail Magazine (Ed).
Bolger Boats : Combining Small Boats and The folding Schooner‚ …Philip C. Bolger.
Book of NavigationTim Bartlett.
Book of Wooden Boats‚ The – Volume IIBenjamin Mendlowitz.
Box Boats : How Container Ships Changed the WorldBrian J. Cudahy.
Brightwork : The Art of Finishing WoodRebecca J. Wittman.
British Columbia's Gulf Islands‚ Afoot & AfloatMarge Mueller.
Broughtons and Vancouver Island‚ The : Kelsy Bay to Port HardyA&L Yeadon-Jones.
BUC Price GuidesBUC?.
Build It Yourself the Glen L WayGlen L. Witt.
Build Your Own BoatIan Nicolson.
Building a Fiberglass BoatArthur Edmunds.
Building A Foam Core BoatRon Palmer.
Building Catherine : A 14 Foot Pulling Boat in the Whitehall TraditionRichard Kolin.
Building of Boats‚ TheDouglas Hextall Chedzey Phillips-Birt.
Building Small BoatsGreg Rossel.
Building Strip-Planked BoatsNick Schade.
Building your First Wooden BoatGeorge W. Barnes.
Buyers' Guide to Outboard BoatsDavid Pascoe.
Canoe Rig – The Essence and the Art — Todd Bradshaw.
Canoe‚ The : An Illustrated HistoryJim Poling‚ Sr.
Canvas and Rope CraftFrank Rosenow.
Canvaswork and Sail RepairDon Casey.
Capturing Light in AcrylicsJohn Hammond.
Care and Repair of Sails‚ TheJeremy Howard-Williams.
Care and Repair of Small Marine Diesels‚ TheChris Thompson.
Care of Alloy Spars and RiggingPotter.
Chapman KnotsBrion Toss.
Chapman Knots for BoatersBrion Toss.
Chapman Living & Working on BoardDave Kelley.
Chapman : Practical Boat HandlingGregory O. Jones.
Chapman Piloting & SeamanshipChapman.
Chapman's Piloting‚ Seamanship & Small Boat HandlingE. S. Maloney.
Charlie's Charts : North to Alaska (Victoria‚ B.C. to Glacier Bay‚ AK)Charles E. Wood.
Chris~Craft of the 1950sJack Savage.
Chris-Craft BoatsAnthony S. Mollica.
Circumnavigating Vancouver Island : A Cruising GuideRoger L. Rue.
Classic American Runabouts : Wood Boats‚ 1915-1965Philip B. Ballantyne.
Classic Outboard Motor Handbook‚ ThePeter Hunn.
Coast Salish CanoesLeslie Lincoln.
Coastal Navigation for the Small Boat SailorJeff Markell.
Cold-Moulded & Strip-Planked Wood BoatbuildingIan Nicolson.
Comfort in the Cruising YachtIan Nicolson.
Commissioning & DecommissioningPractical Sailor Library.
Complete Anchoring Handbook‚ TheAlain Poiraud‚+.
Complete Book of Anchoring and MooringEarl R. Hinz.
Complete Book of Boat ElectronicsErnest A. Zadig.
Complete Book of Pleasure Boat Engines‚ TheErnest A. Zadig.
Complete Book of Sailboat Buying Vol 1 & 2Practical Sailor.
Complete Book of Yacht CareMichael Verney.
Complete Canvas Worker's GuideGrant.
Complete Day SkipperTom Cunliffe.
Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising SailboatRoger Marshall.
Complete Guide to Metal Boats‚ The — Bruce Roberts-Goodson.
Complete Guide to Outboard Motor Service & RepairPaul Dempsey.
Complete Guide to Sailing and Seamanship‚ TheTwain Braden.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Boating and Sailing‚ TheFrank Sargeant.
Complete Illustrated Guide to Everything SoldSteve Ettlinger.
Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia : …‚ fishing‚ …‚ boating‚ … survival‚ … — Vin T. Sparano.
Complete Powerboating ManualTim Bartlett & Simon Collis.
Complete Rigger’s Apprentice‚ TheBrion Toss.
Complete Sailor : Learning the Art of SailingDavid Seidman.
Complete Sailing Manual‚ TheSteve Sleight.
^New Complete Sailing Manual — Steve Sleight.
Comprehensive Boat Sewage Management Plan for Washington State — ?.
Concrete BoatbuildingGainor W. Jackson.
Conversion and Seasoning of WoodWilliam H. Brown.
Cost Conscious CruiserLin & Larry Pardey.
Covering Wooden Boats with Fiberglass — Allan H. Vaitses.
Crow's Nest Views of South Puget Sound Destinations : Marinas‚ …Robert Vinton.
Cruising : The BasicsZora & David Aiken.
Cruising Beyond Desolation Sound : Channels and Anchorages …John Chappell.
Cruising Boats : Sail & PowerJay R. Benford & Associates‚ Inc.
Cruising Bulgaria and RomaniaNicky Allardice.
Cruising Designs — Jay R. Benford (Design Group).
Cruising Guide to California's Channel IslandsBrian M. Fagan.
Cruising Guide to Puget Sound‚ A : Olympia to Port AngelesMigael Scherer.
Cruising Nor'west Waters — Nor'westing.
Cruising Sailboat Kinetics : The Art‚ Science‚ and Magic of Cruising …Danny Greene.
Cruising the Columbia and Snake RiversSharlene P. Nelson.
Cruising the Pacific Coast‚ Acapulco to SkagwayCarolyn West.
Cruising World's Workbench : 200 Ideas … to Improve Your Life AfloatBingham (Ed).
Cure for Anything is Salt Water‚ TheMary South.
Customizing your BoatIan Nicolson.
Dam Book : Recreation on Washington Reservoirs‚ Campsites‚ …George Sainsbury.
Danube : A River Guide‚ TheRod Heikell.
Day Skipper Exercises for SailAlison Noice.
Day Skipper for Sail and PowerAlison Noice.
DDDB : Drag Device Data Base — Victor Shane.
Delphic Boat : What Genomes Tell UsAntoine Danchin.
Design of Marine Structures in Composite MaterialsC. S. Smith.
Designer & Client : Eight Boat Design Commissions‚ … Kayak to CruiserAntonio Dias.
Destroyers in ActionRichard A. Shafter.
Details of Classic Boat ConstructionLarry Pardey.
Detroit Diesel 8.2L Service Manual #6SE421 — DD-GM
Devlin's Boat Building : The Stitch-And-Glue WaySamual Devlin.
Diesel Companion‚ ThePat Manley.
Diesel Engine MechanicsWayne A. Kelm.
Diesel EnginesJ. W. Anderson.
Diesel Troubleshootier — Don Seddon.
Diesels Afloat : The Must-Have Guide for Diesel Boat EnginesPat Manley.
Different BoatsPhilip C. Bolger.
Different Waterfronts : Stories from the Wooden Boat RevivalPeter H. Spectre.
Dinghies and DaysailersButch & Rita Wilcox.
Directory of Wooden Boat Builders+Bray& (^Woodenboat Books).
DockmanshipDavid Owen Bell.
Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance ManualDon Casey.
Down to the Sea in ShipsPhilemon Sturges.
Dragged Aboard : A Cruising Guide for a Reluctant MateDon Casey.
Driftboats : A Complete GuideDan Alsup.
East AegeanRod Heikell.
Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats — Bet Oliver.
Effect of Sewage Discharges From Pleasure CraftRobert W. Seabloom.
Electrical Handbook for RVs‚ Campers‚ Vans‚ Boats & TrailersHerb Gill.
Electrics AfloatAlir Garrod.
Elements of Seamanship‚ TheRoger C. Taylor.
Engines Afloat : From Early Days to D-Day Vol 2Stan Grayson.
Epoxy System Technical ManualGlen-L.
Essential Boat MaintenancePat Manley & Rupert Holmes.
Essential Boat Maintenance Manual‚ TheJeff E. Toghill.
Essential Boating for TeensLuke Thompson.
European WaterwaysMarian Martin.
Evergreen Cruising Guide : Washington WatersStraub Printing & Publishing.
Evolution of Modern Sailboat DesignGougeon+.
Exploring British Columbia WaterwaysDave Stewart.
Exploring the Coast by BoatFrieda Van der Ree.
Exploring the San Juan and Gulf IslandsDon Douglass.
Exploring the Yukon RiverArchie Satterfield.
Eye on the Sea : Reflections on the Boating LifeM. J. Hayes.
Family & Express CruisersEd McKnew.
Far-Away Places : 50 anchorages on the Northwest CoastIain Lawrence.
Fast Boats & Rough SeasDag Pike.
Fast Ferries for the State of WashingtonHoverprojects Limited.
Fast Track to CruisingSteve & Doris Colgate.
Ferro-cement : Design‚ Techniques‚ and ApplicationBruce Bingham.
Fiberglass & Other Composite Materials : A Guide … Materials … Boats …Forbes Aird.
Fiberglass Boat Design and ConstructionRobert J. Scott.
Fiberglass Boat Handbook‚ TheJack Wiley.
Fiberglass Boat Repair ManualAllan H. Vaitses.
Fiberglass Boat Survey ManualArthur Edmunds.
Fiberglass Boatbuilding for AmateursKen Hankinson.
Fiberglass Boatbuilding ManualGlen L. Witt.
Fiberglass BoatsHugh Du Plessis.
Fiberglass Boats : Construction‚ Repair‚ and MaintenanceJohn Roberts.
Fiberglass Boats : Construction and MaintenanceBoughton Cobb.
Fiberglass Repairs : A Guide to Fiberglass/polyester Repairs on Boats‚ …Paul J. Petrick.
Field Guide to Sailboats‚ ARichard M. Sherwood.
Fifty Years of Growth‚ 1944-1994 : District 16‚ US Power SquadronsHerbert R. Hearsey.
Fine Boat Finishes for Wood and Fiberglass BoatsPaul & Marya Butler.
Fine Yacht Finishes for Wood and Fiberglass BoatsPaul & Marya Butler.
Fireboat : The Heroic Adventures of the John J. HarveyMaira Kalman.
Fisherman's Boating Book‚ TheBob Stearns.
Fitting Out : Preparing for SeaJ D Sleightholme.
Fitting Out a Fibreglass HullMike Collins.
Floating on the MissouriJames Willard Schultz.
Floating Homes : A Houseboat HandbookTed Laturnus.
Flying Boats : The J-class Yachts of AviationIan Marshall.
Folding Schooner : And Other Adventures in Boat Design‚ ThePhilip C. Bolger.
Ford Service Manual – Dover ESD Series — Ford IPP.
Foss Soundings — ?.
Fourth Book of Good BoatsRoger C. Taylor.
Frame‚ Stem & Keel RepairPeter H. Spectre (ED).
Free energy afloatNan Jeffrey.
From Boats to Board Feet : The Wilson Family of the Pacific CoastEmily M. Wilson.
FUNdaMENTALS of DesignAlexander H Slocum.
Gaff RigJohn Leather.
GammelmotorenValdemar Steiro.
Gar Wood Boats : Classics of a Golden EraAnthony S. Mollica Jr.
Get Rid of Boat Odors! : … Marine Sanitation Systems …Peggie Hall.
Get Your Captain's LicenseCharlie Wing.
Getting Started in PowerboatingCaptain Bob Armstrong.
Glen L Book of Boat DesignsGlen L Marine Designs.
Go Dinghy Sailing — ?.
Going NorthJess Webb.
Good Clean Fun : Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman WoodshopNick Offerman.
Gougeon Brothers on Boat ConstructionMeade Gougeon.
GPS AfloatTim Bartlett.
Great Canoes‚ The : Reviving A Northwest Coast TraditionDavid Neel.
Greek Waters PilotRod Heikell.
Guide to Marine Electronics — ?.
Guide to Wooden Boats‚ TheBenjamin Mendlowitz.
Handbook For Marine Radio Communication — G.D. Lees & W.G. Williamson.
Handling Troubles Afloat : What to Do When It All Goes WrongJohn Mellor.
Handyman Afloat & AshoreKen Bramham.
HarborDonald Crews.
Heart of GlassDaniel Spurr.
Hemingway's Boat : Everything He Loved in Life‚ and Lost — Paul Hendrickson.
Henning's Guide to Boat Ramps : … Washington & Oregon — ?.
Hitler's high seas fleetRichard Humble.
Home Generator : Selection‚ Installation‚ and RepairPaul Dempsey.
Hook‚ Line & Seeker : A Beginner's Guide to Fishing‚ Boating‚ …Jim Arnosky.
How Boat Things Work : An Illustrated GuideCharlie Wing.
How to Be A First-Rate First Mate : A Sailing Guide for WomenGloria Sloane.
How to Build A Ferro-Cement BoatJohn Samson.
How To Build a Wooden BoatDavid C. McIntosh.
How to Build An Indian CanoeGeorge S. Fichter.
How to Build Boat TrailersGlen L. Witt.
How to Build Wooden Boats : With 16 Small-boat DesignsEdwin Monk.
How to Design A BoatJohn Teale.
How to Fiberglass Boats — Ken Hankinson.
How To Paint Your BoatNigel Clegg.
How to Read a Nautical ChartNigel Calder.
How To Repair Diesel EnginesPaul Dempsey.
How to Restore your Wooden RunaboutDon Danenberg.
How to Snog a Hagfish — ?.
Hull Care and RepairDavid MacLean.
IAC Boating Facilities Program Plan — IACOR.
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ships‚ Boats‚…‚TheGraham Blackburn.
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War IIChris Bishop.
Illustrated Sail & Rig TuningIvar Dedekam.
Inboard Motor InstallationsGlen L. Witt & Ken Hankinson.
Indian Canoes of the Northwest CoastBill Durham.
Indian Ocean Cruising GuideRod Heikell.
InflatablesDag Pike.
Innovative Yacht : Ideas for Modern CruisingAndrew Simpson.
Insider's Guide to Buying a PowerboatJ. P. Lamy.
Inspecting the Aging SailboatDon Casey.
Instant Boatbuilding With Dynamite PaysonHarold H. Payson.
Internal Combustion Engines — USCG.
Inboard Engine‚ Transmission and Drive Service : ManualIntertec.
Into the Wind : Sailboats Then and NowSteven Otfinoski.
IonianRod Heikell.
Italian Waters PilotRod Heikell.
Jane's Surface Skimmer SystemsRoy McLeavy.
Japanese High Seas FleetRichard Humble.
Jim Richardson Boat Book‚ TheJames B. Richardson.
Kawasaki Jet Ski Shop Manual‚ 1976-1988Ron Wright.
Kayaking‚ Canoeing‚ Rowing‚ and YachtingChristin Ditchfield.
Kayaks You Can Build : An Illustrated Guide to Plywood ConstructionTed Moores.
Knee-Deep in Shavings : Memories of Early Yachting and …Norman C. Blanchard.
Knots (Chapman’s Nautical Guides)Brion Toss.
Know Your Boat's Diesel EngineAndrew Simpson.
Laminated Wood Boatbuilding‚ TheHub Miller.
Legend of Chris-Craft‚ TheJeffrey L. Rodengen.
Life On A Commercial Fishing BoatOscar Sylvester.
Lifeline of the Oregon Country : The Fraser-Columbia Brigade SystemJames R. Gibson.
Lightning and BoatsMichael v Huck Jr.
Little Ship of FoolsCharles Wilkins.
Living & Working OnboardDave Kelley.
Lofting — Allan Vaitses.
London Goes to Sea : Restoring and Sailing an Old Boat …Peter Baumgartner.
Look Inside – Cross-Sections – Ships — Moira Butterfield.
Looking at SailsDick Kenny.
Lunatic Express : … Most Dangerous …‚ Boats‚ …Carl Hoffman.
Magellan : Over the Edge of the WorldLaurence Bergreen.
Managing 12 Volts : How to Upgrade‚ Operate‚ and TroubleshootHarold Barre.
Maneuver and Dock Your Sailboat Under PowerGrant Headifen.
Marina Handbook‚ TheDuane Fox.
Marine Diesel Engines : Maintenance‚ Troubleshooting‚ and RepairNigel Calder.
Marine Diesel Engines : Maintenance & Repair ManualJean-Luc Pallas.
Marine DieselsM. David Burghardt & George D. Kingsley.
Marine Electrical Care & RepairDavid MacLean.
Marine Electrical Electronics BibleJohn C. Payne.
Marine Electrical SystemsDIY Boat Owner Magazine.
Marine Engine Room Blue BookWilliam D. Eglinton.
Marine Engines & PropulsionRanger Hope.
Marine Fire Prevention‚ Firefighting and Fire SafetyUS DoC MA.
Marine InvestigationsDavid Pascoe.
Marine Metals ManualRoger Pretzer.
Mariner Stand-Up Paddleboard Instructions – Designed and BuiltJack Young.
Mauch's Sailboat GuideJan Mauch.
Mediterranean AlmanacRod Heikell and Lucinda Mitchell.
Mediterranean Cruising HandbookRod Heikell.
Mediterranean France & Corsica PilotRod Heikell.
Mediterranean IslandsCharles Arnold.
Mediterranean SailingRod Heikell.
Mediterranean Weather HandbookRoberto Ritossa.
Metal Corrosion In BoatsNigel Warren.
Metal Boats : A Practical Guide for Building or Buying …Ken Scott.
Metals HandbookASM.
Mid Size Power BoatsDavid Pascoe.
Middle Puget Sound‚ Afoot & AfloatMarge Mueller.
Modeller's Guide to Hull ConstructionA. Richard Mansir.
Modern Boat BuildingEdwin Monk.
Modern Boat MaintenanceBo Streiffert (Ed).
Modern Marine Materials‚ The Boatman's Guide toErnest A. Zadig.
Mosquito FleetBern Keating.
Motor Boat Building (1946)Charles F. Chapman (Ed).
Motor Boat EnginesAlan C. Wilson.
Motor Yachts & TrawlersEd McKnew.
Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual‚ TheJohn C. Payne.
MotorboatingBoy Scouts of America.
NADA Price GuidesNational Appraisal Guides.
Napier Way‚ TheBryan Boyle.
Napoleon's Peninsular MarshalsRichard Humble.
Nature of Boats — David Gerr.
Nautical Knots IllustratedPaul Snyder.
Navigation at Speed (Motor Boating)Tim Bartlett.
New American Practical NavigatorNathaniel Bowditch.
New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding‚ The : From Lofting to LaunchingReuel B. Parker.
New Complete Sailing ManualSteve Sleight.
North France Pilot – Cherbourg to CalaisT & D Thompson.
Northwest Boat Dives : 60 Ultimate Dives in Puget Sound and Hood CanalDave Bliss.
Northwest Boat TravelKathy Newman.
NYNEX Boaters Directory — NYNEX.
Oars‚ Sails and SteamEdwin Tunis.
Ocean Passages and LandfallsRod Heikell & Andy O'Grady.
One Hand For Yourself‚ One For The ShipTristan Jones.
One-Minute Guide to the Nautical Rules of the Road‚ TheCharlie Wing.
Operation Sea AnglerMike Ladle.
Options for the Collection and Disposal of Rec… Boat Sewage at MarinasAlana Hess.
Origins of Sea TermsJohn G. Rogers.
Osmosis & Glassfibre Yacht ConstructionTony Staton-Bevan.
Osmosis and the Care & Repair of Glassfibre YachtsTony Staton-Bevan.
Outboard Boats You Can BuildWilliam Atkin.
Outboard Motors Maintenance and Repair ManualJean-Luc Pallas.
Outfitting the Offshore Cruising SailboatPeter I. Berman.
Overlook illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms‚ TheGraham Blackburn.
Own a Steel BoatMike Pratt.
Pacific Boating Almanac : Pacific Northwest & AlaskaGriffes+.
Pacific Yachting's Cruising Guide to British ColumbiaW. H. Wolferstan.
Paddling with Kids : AMC Essential Handbook for Fun and Safe Paddling — Bruce Lessels.
Passagemaking Handbook : A Guide for Delivery Skippers and Boat OwnersJohn Rains.
Patrol and Rescue Boats on Puget SoundChuck Fowler.
Pete Culler on Wooden BoatsJohn Burke (Ed).
Pharaoh's BoatDavid Weitzman.
Pierce County Boat Launch Study ; Phase I – Saltwater — ?.
Piloting‚ Seamanship and Small Boat HandlingCharles F. Chapman.
Planking & Fastening (The Wooden Boat Series)Peter H. Spector (Ed).
Pleasure Boating in Central Puget SoundGary C. Tranter.
Pleasure Boating Study‚ Puget Sound and Adjacent Waters — ?.
Portland's Maritime HistoryRebecca Harrison.
Powerboat Care and RepairAllen D. Berrien.
Powerboat GuideEd McKnew.
PowerBoat Guide to Express & Sedan CruisersEd McKnew.
PowerBoat Guide to Motor Yachts & Trawlers — Ed McKnew.
PowerBoat Guide to Sportfishing BoatsEd McKnew.
Powerboat Handling IllustratedRobert 'Bob' J. Sweet.
Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems (Boating Magazine)Edwin R. Sherman.
Powerboating : Your First Book for Your First BoatKen Kreisler.
Practical Boat BuyingPractical Sailor.
Practical Boat Handling : For Every SituationGregory O. Jones.
Practical Ferro-Cement Boatbuilding — Jay R. Benford & Herman Husen.
Practical Kayaking — ?.
Practical Motor Boat Handling : Seamanship & Piloting (1ed 1917) — C. F. Chapman.
Practical Small Boat DesignsJohn Atkin.
Practical Small Powerboat MaintenanceAllen D. Berrien.
Preliminary Design of Boats & ShipsCyrus Hamlin.
Primitive BenchmarkJerry N. Selness.
Propeller HandbookDave Gerr.
Public Boating Facilities in Washington State — ?.
Puget Sound : A Boater's GuideAnne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones.
Puget Sound and Northwest WaterwaysMarge & Ted Mueller.
PulleysChris Oxlade.
Quick & Easy Boat Maintenance : 1‚001 Time-Saving TipsSandy Lindsey.
Quinault Indians : Adze‚ Canoe‚… Types of the Northwest CoastRonald L. Olson.
Radar AfloatTim Bartlett.
Radar for Small CraftTim Bartlett.
Real Runabouts‚ TheRobert Speltz.
Reeds Channel AlmanacPerrin Towler & Mark Fishwick.
Reeds Nautical AlmanacPerrin Towler & Mark Fishwick.
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall.
Reeds Knot HandbookJim Whippy.
Reeds Outboard Motor Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall.
Refrigeration For PleasureboatsNigel Calder.
Repair of Wooden Boats‚ TheJohn Lewis.
Replacing Your Boat's Engine (Adlard Coles Manuals)Mike Westin.
Rescue BoatsEric Ethan.
Restore your Wooden BoatStan Grayson (Ed).
Rig‚ TheChristopher Dawson.
Rigger’s Apprentice‚ TheBrion Toss.
Rigger’s Locker‚ TheBrion Toss.
Rigging : Rig your boat right for racing or cruisingDanilo Fabroni.
Rigging HandbookBrion Toss.
Rigging Il manuale completo (Italian)Brion Toss.
Rigging of Ships‚ The : in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast‚ — R. C. Anderson.
Rise and Fall of the British NavyRichard Humble.
Rough Weather Seamanship for Sail and PowerRoger Marshall.
Royce's Powerboating IllistratedRoyce.
Royce's Sailing Illustrated : Tall Ship EditionPatrick M. Royce.
Run Your Diesel Vehicle on BiofuelsJon Starbuck & Gavin D. j. Harper.
Running FixTony Gibbs.
Rushton's Rowboats and CanoesWilliam Crowley.
RYA Astro Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett.
RYA Book of Buying Your First Motor CruiserRobert Avis.
RYA Book of Buying Your First Sailing CruiserMalcolm McKeag.
RYA Book of Caribbean CruisingJane Gibb.
RYA Book of Diesel EnginesTim Bartlett.
RYA Book of Euroregs for Inland WaterwaysMarian Martin.
RYA Book of KnotsPeter Owen.
RYA Book of Mediterranean CruisingRod Heikell.
RYA Book of NavigationTim Bartlett.
RYA Book of Outboard MotorsTim Bartlett.
RYA Book of the International certificate of CompetenceBill Anderson.
RYA Diesel Engine HandbookAndrew Simpson.
RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaTim Bartlett.
RYA Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett.
RYA One-day Radar Course : Questions and AnswersRoyal Yachting Association.
RYA VHF Handbook : The RYA'S Complete Guide to SRCTim Bartlett & Alison Noyce.
S.S. Pacific Explorer‚ Factory ShipU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Sail Away : A Guide to Outfitting and Provisioning for Cruising — Paul & Sheryl Shard.
Sail PerformanceCzeslaw A. Marchaj.
Sail Power : The Complete Guide to Sails and Sail HandlingWallace Ross.
Sail Tall ShipsAmerican Sail Training Assoc.
Sailboat Buyer's Guide : Conducting Your Own SurveyKarel Doruyter.
Sailboat Electrics SimplifiedDon Casey.
Sailboat Hull and Deck RepairDon Casey.
Sailboat RefinishingDon Casey.
Sailing a Serious Ocean : Sailboats‚ Storms‚ Stories‚ and Lessons …John Kretschmer.
Sailing Ancient SeasRod Heikell.
Sailing for Dummies — J J & Peter Isler.
Sailing in Paradise : Yacht Charters Around the WorldRod Heikell.
Sailing on A Budget : Moneywise Tips and Deals on …Anne M. Johnson.
Sailing Ship Rigs & Rigging — Harold A. Underhill.
Sailing Ships‚ in Words and Pictures‚ From Papyrus Boats to …Björn Landström.
Sailing Skills and SeamanshipUSCG Auxiliary.
Sailmaker's Apprentice‚ The : A Guide for the Self-Reliant SailorEmiliano Marino.
Sailor's Assistant : Reference Data for Maintenance‚ Repair & CruisingJohn Vigor.
Sailor's Guide to Sails‚ ASven Donaldson.
Sailor's Tales‚ ABill Robinson.
Sailor's Word Book : A Dictionary of Nautical TermsAdmiral W. H. Smyth.
Sailors' Secrets : Advice From The MastersMichael Badham & Robby Robinson.
Sail's Things That Work : More then 100 Sea-Tested Improvements for your BoatSail.
Salt Chuck on the Rocks! A Boater's Book of ChucklesChuck Sharman.
Salt in Their Veins : Conversations with Coastal MainersCharlie Wing.
Salty WordsRobert Hendrickson.
San Juan Islands‚ The : Into the 21st CenturyJoAnn Roe.
Sea Boating Almanac : Pacific Northwest & Alaska — ?.
Sea Fishing — ?.
Sea KayakingShelley Johnson.
Sea-craft of Prehistory‚ ThePaul Johnstone.
SeaworthinessCzeslaw A. Marchaj.
Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat‚ The : A Guide … Features‚ Gear‚ …John Vigor.
Seaworthy : A Swordboat Captain Returns to the SeaLinda Greenlaw.
Self-Steering Without a WindvaneLee Woas.
Seloc Bombardier Sea-doo Personal Watercraft … ManualClarence W. Coles. (T).
Seloc Kawasaki Personal Watercraft‚ 1992-97 Repair ManualJoan Coles.
Seloc Yamaha Personal Watercraft … ManualClarence W. Coles.
Sensible Cruising: The Thoreau Approach : A Philosophic and Practical…Don Casey.
ShipDavid Macaulay.
Ship Construction Sketches & NotesKemp & Young.
Shipbuilders‚ TheLeonard Everett Fisher.
ShipsRichard Humble.
Ships & Boats : Sail‚ Navigation‚ Radar‚ Anchor‚ Keel …Chris Oxlade.
Ships : Sailors‚ and the SeaRichard Humble.
Shipshape – The Art of Sailboat MaintenanceFerenc Mat.
Simple Boat MaintenancePat Manley.
Skipper vs CrewTim Davison.
Sloop : Restoring My Family's Wooden SailboatDaniel Robb.
Small Boat Engines – Inboard & OutboardConrad Miller.
Small Boat Guide to Electronics AfloatTim Bartlett.
Small-Boat Seamanship ManualRichard Aarons (Ed).
Small Boat to FreedomJohn Vigor.
Small BoatsPhilip C. Bolger.
Small Boats big AdventuresSmall Craft Advisor.
Small Boats for Outboard EnginesWilliam Atkin.
Small Boats Sails — Jeremy Howard-Williams.
Small Craft Advisor — ?.
Small Craft Advisory : A Book About the Building of A BoatLouis D. Rubin.
Small Craft Guide British ColumbiaFisheries And Oceans Canada.
Small Craft RadarJohn French.
Small Steel CraftIan Nicolson.
Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats — Eric W. Sorensen.
Spurr's Guide to Upgrading your Cruising SailboatDaniel Spurr.
Stability and Trim for the Ship's OfficerWilliam E. George (Ed).
Stapleton's Powerboat Bible : How to Buy‚ Equip‚ and Organize …Sid Stapleton.
Steel Away : A Guidebook to the World of Steel SailboatsLeCain W. Smith & Sheila Moir.
Steel Boatbuilding GuideGlen-L.
Stitch & Glue ManualGlen-L.
Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding : How to Build Kayaks and … BoatsChris Kulczycki.
Strength of Aluminum vs Strength of SteelKasten.
Strip-built Sea Kayak : Three Rugged‚ Beautiful Boats You Can BuildNick Schade.
Submarine Boats : The Beginnings of Underwater WarfareRichard Compton-Hall.
Submarines and ShipsRichard Humble.
Submarines : the Illustrated HistoryRichard Humble.
Surveying and Restoring Classic BoatsJ C Winters.
Surveying Fiberglass Power BoatsDavid Pascoe.
Surveying Small CraftIan Nicolson.
Tactics of Small Boat Racing‚ TheStuart H. Walker.
Take the Mystery Out of Boat MaintenanceLawrence A. Diamond.
The Rig — Christopher Dawson.
Theory and Practice of Propellers For Auxiliary SailboatsJohn R. Stanton.
Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started SailingJohn Vigor.
Thirty Wooden Boats : A Second Catalog of Building PlansWooden Boat Magazine.
This Old BoatDon Casey.
Three Men in a BoatJerome K. Jerome.
Three Men on the BummelJerome K. Jerome.
Three Years in A Twelve-foot BoatStephen G. Ladd.
Through the French CanalsPhilip Bristow.
Titanic : Voices From the DisasterDeborah Hopkinson.
Total Boating Manual‚ The : 311 Powerboat EssentialsKevin Falvey.
Trade Wind Foodie‚ TheRod Heikell & Lu Heikell.
Trailerable Fishing BoatsEd McKnew.
TrailerBoat GuideEd McKnew.
Treatise on Masting Ships & Mast MakingJohn Fincham.
Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel EnginesPaul Dempsey.
Troubleshooting Marine DieselsPeter Compton.
Tugs and Other Hard-working Vessels of Puget SoundNorman R. Knutsen.
Tugs‚ Towboats and TowingEdward M. Brady.
Tuning Yachts & Small KeelboatsLawrie Smith.
Turkish Waters & Cyprus PilotRod Heikell & Lucinda Michell.
Turquoise Coast of Turkey‚ TheRod Heikell.
Twenty Affordable Sailboats To Take You AnywhereGregg Nestor.
Types of Canoes on Puget SoundT. T. Waterman.
U.S. NavyRichard Humble.
U-Boat (Fighting Ships Series)Richard Humble.
U-boats‚ TheDouglas Botting.
Ultimate Boat Maintenance ProjectsScott Smith.
Under Sail : Equipment for the Serious SailorTony Meisel (Ed).
Under Sail : Aboard the World's Finest BoatsDavid Glenn.
Undersea WarfareRichard Humble.
Understanding Boat Corrosion‚ Lightning Protection…John C. Payne.
Understanding Boat DesignEdward S. Brewer.
Understanding Boat Diesel EnginesJohn C. Payne.
Understanding NavigationTim Bartlett.
Understanding Rigs and RiggingRichard Henderson.
United States Fleet Carriers of World War IIRichard Humble.
Upgrading and Refurbishing the Older Fiberglass SailboatW. D. Booth.
Usborn Book of Cutaway Boats‚ TheChristopher Maynard.
Vessel Safety ManualEPA.
Voyage of MagellanRichard Humble.
Voyager's Handbook‚ The — Beth A. Leonard.
Voyages of Captain CookRichard Humble.
Voyages of ColumbusRichard Humble.
Voyages of Jacques CartierRichard Humble.
Voyages of Vasco Da GamaRichard Humble.
Voyaging Under PowerCapt. Robert P. Beebe.
Walking on WaterKos Evans.
Washington Boating and Water SportsTerry Rudnick.
Watch It Made in the USA : A Visitor's Guide to the Best Factory Tours …Karen Axelrod.
Water Craft Regulations of Pierce CountyPierce County WA.
Watersports Safety and Emergency First AidChristopher Van Tilburg‚ MD.
Weather Companion (Practical Companions)Tim Bartlett.
Weekend Captain's Guide to Basic Boating‚ TheCapt. Jeffrey Caso.
Weekend Navigator‚ The : … Navigation with GPS and ElectronicsRobert J. Sweet.
West AegeanRod Heikell.
Western Flyer‚ The : Steinbeck's Boat‚ the Sea of Cortez‚ and …Kevin McLean Bailey.
Western Yacht and Launchman — ?.
Whaleships of New BedfordClifford W. Ashley.
What Shape Is She In?. A Guide to the Surveying of BoatsAllan H. Vaitses.
Wheel Boats on the MissouriHenry Atkinson.
Why Didn't I Thank of ThatJohn & Susan Roberts.
Willits Brothers and Their Canoes‚ ThePatrick F. Chapman.
Wooden Boat DesignsChristian Nielsen.
Wooden Boat Renovation : New Life … Using Modern MethodsJim Trefethen.
Wooden Boat Repair ManualJohn Scarlett.
Wooden Boats : In Pursuit of the Perfect Craft …Michael Ruhlman.
Wooden Ship : the building of a wooden Sailing vessel in 1870Jan Adkins.
Woodenboat — ?. (Pm_-).
WorkboatsK.D.Troup (Ed).
Workboats : An Illustrated Guide to Work Vessels… — Archie Satterfield.
World Cruising Essentials : The Boats‚ Gear‚ and Practices …Jimmy Cornell.
World of the Oregon Fishboat‚ The : A Study in Maritime FolklifeJanet Gilmore.
World War I BattleshipRichard Humble.
World War II Aircraft Carrier (Fighting Ships)Richard Humble.
World War Two SubmarineRichard Humble.
World's Best Sailboats‚ The : A SurveyFerenc Maté.
Yacht Charter Handbook‚ TheRod Heikell.
Yacht Designing and PlanningHoward I. Chapelle.
Yachtmaster Exercises for Sail and PowerAlison Noice.
Yachtmaster for Sail and PowerAlison Noice.
Yankee WhalerClifford W. Ashley.
Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor‚ TheDarcy Lever.
Your Boat's Electrical SystemConrad Miller & E. S. Maloney.
Your First Sailboat : How to Find and Sail the Right Boat for YouDaniel Spurr.
Your New Sailboat : Choosing It‚ Using ItChapman (Eds).

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