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Hundreds of Academy Resources* including: Academy Members’ reviews, articles, comments and peer reviews, Reviews of vendors, In-depth reviews of boats, equipment, & tools, Practical “How-To” articles from our on-line magazine The ANCHOR, popular and obscure BooksMagazines, & Videos  from our Academy Library, discounted Academy “How-To” Courses about boat construction, inspection, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, our Posting Page for your Classified Ads (that everyone may view), our very popular “Ask An Expert” program AND Much, Much More!

*This website is a work in progress. Not all the webpages and programs are fully developed.

Anchors Aweigh Academy and its nonprofit co-founder
Larry Blais presenting his popular Diesel Engine Troubleshooting and Repair Workshop
hosted by The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding near Port Townsend, and
co-sponsored by Anchors Aweigh Academy and NOAA‘s Washington Sea Grant.
(Washington Sea Grant is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s
National Sea Grant College Program and is administered by the University of Washington)

The nonprofit website was initially conceived by the staff at Anchors Aweigh Academy as an online resource that would provide to our own marine survey, shipwright, and on-board systems students such valuable information as the following:

  • The US Coast Guard regulations and ABYC & NFPA industry standards for vessel construction, inspection and repair.
  • The sources for boat building plans, tools and equipment.
  • The sources for boat materials and equipment, and their specifications, service tips, recalls, and reviews.
  • The sources for marine publications and media with reviews.

We quickly realized that much of this information would also benefit students of other schools, as well as boat builders, boat dealers, yacht brokers, marine surveyors, shipwrights, refitters, mechanics, licensed skippers and crews, commercial fishermen, and recreational boaters around the world — so the website was opened up to everyone as a public service, and the scope of the website content was expanded to include such valuable information as:

The contact information, profiles and your reviews of:

  • Boat designers.
  • Boat builders.
  • Boat fitters and shipwrights.
  • Boat dealers and yacht brokers.
  • Events like boat shows, sales and auctions.
  • Marine surveyors.
  • Vessel documentation and licensing firms.
  • Marine lenders
  • Insurance companies, agents, and brokers.
  • Vessel transporters over land and sea.
  • Boat haulers and launching ramps
  • Boat moorage and storage.
  • Yacht clubs, sailing clubs, and Boat owner organizations.
  • Boating events and boating destinations with local attractions and accommodations.
  • Boating safety classes.
  • Boating and seamanship training.
  • Captain’s license training and testing.
  • Maritime schools.
  • Marine surveyor schools.
  • Marine engineering schools.
  • Boat building schools.
  • Boat repair schools including engine schools and on-board systems schools.
  • Boat yards, refitters and repair shops.
  • Law Firms practicing Admiralty law, consumer protection and personal injury.
  • Even expert witnesses for marine litigation.

Since 1961, Anchors Aweigh Academy, a nonprofit research and educational organization, has been dedicated to the advancement of marine related sciences with a strong emphasis on protecting the Earth’s fragile ecological systems for future generations. The practical application of this science is ultimately everyone’s responsibility. Your part can be as simple as properly operating and maintaining your vessel which will have the added benefit of making your boating experience more enjoyable and safer. Anchors Aweigh Academy and the website are dedicated to providing this much needed knowledge to boat builders, refitters, repair shops and yards, professional mariners, and the boating public, etc. literally around the world. So we set out to accomplish this goal by:

  • Using the Academy’s resources and staff, we secured a domain name and a hosting provider, and in 2015 began constructing and testing this website.
  • From our experience as faculty at Anchors Aweigh Academy, we selected the main topics that we thought would be appropriate for inclusion on the website. See Right Sidebar 
  • Then we created what we call “Bare-Bones” or “Skeleton” pages for each of the main topic pages and next started putting some meat on these pages. Sorry, but some of these pages are still pretty lean. Please be patient. We are working as quickly as we can with the all-volunteer staff and resources that we currently have.
    You can browse these topics under “WEBSITE CONTENTS” on the Right Sidebar
  • From our own resources and from the web, we began publishing directories of marine vendors including: Boat Designers, Builders, Dealers, Brokers, Surveyors, Transporters, Educators, Financiers, Insurers, Agents, Adjusters, Litigators, Refitters and Repairers, and Boat Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Fitters and Repairers. Well over 5,000 so far.
  • Next, for each of these vendors we created “Skeleton” pages that included their contact information. Then we invited these vendors to fill in their pages by submitting their profile,s with pictures. Many of these pages are starting to fill in. These pages also include a place for others to submit reviews and comments about the vendor.
  • As we created product pages for particular models of boat equipment such as engines and marine gears, we included a place for Specifications, Years Mfr’d, and links to Tech Tips and Documentation such as Catalogs, Brochures, SpecSheets, Drawings, OpManuals, Parts Lists, Shop Manuals, etc. We have been able to accumulate over 30,000 PDF pages in our Library Archives so far. We are also soliciting detailed reviews of all these products so you can make informed decisions about purchasing, repairing, updating, etc.
  • We have added over 300 Books and 200 Magazine Back-Issues to our Academy Library just during this past year. That’s over 55,000 PDF pages so far and many more coming.
  • Daily, we are adding articles as we receive them from various contributors about operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing different pieces of boat equipment as well as articles on all the other topics under Website Contents on the Right Sidebar 

We have realized that the website will never be absolutely finished, but with your continuing support, we will continue to grow as marine technology keeps advancing. The website is definitely the best way to distribute this information. It is far superior to any other medium including books and magazines. The site has grown so much since we started that we have had to move to a bigger, more powerful server to accommodate the increasing bandwidth, CPU, and memory needed. We have done all this so far with only volunteer staff. We would like to afford to have at least a small professional team to help maintain the site and help it grow even faster. But, we oppose having to depend on advertisers to support the site as this would undoubtedly hinder us from providing an unbiased evaluation of their products and services. So we offer you the opportunity to support us financially by becoming an Academy Member, and we reward your support with access to Hundreds of Academy Resources including: Academy members’ reviews, articles, comments and peer reviews, Reviews of vendors, In-depth reviews of boats, equipment, & tools, Practical “How-To” articles from our on-line magazine The ANCHOR, popular and obscure Books, Magazines, & Videos from our Academy Library, discounted Academy “How-To” courses about boat construction, inspection, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, our Posting Page for your Classified Ads (that everyone may view), our very popular “Ask An Expert” program AND Much, More!*
*But remember, this website is a work in progress. Not all the webpages and programs are fully developed. We are working as fast as we can with the financial resources and dedicated staff that we have. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

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