~ US Marine’s Hino Diesel Engine Manicooler Fiasco

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Bayliner's US Marine marinized gasoline and diesel inboard engines primarily for installation in the Bayliner line of boats. The gasoline inboards were marinized 351 cubic inch small block and 460 cubic inch big block V-8 marine grade engines from Ford Power Products (US). These engines proved to be hardy and robust, and unlike the US Marine diesel engines, did not develop any unusual shortcomings. The diesel inboards were marinized 4 & 6 cylinder Hino truck engines from Japan. While the Hino base engines were quite robust, the marinizing scheme that utilized a cast aluminum exhaust manifold with an incorporated heat exchanger proved to be disastrous.


The "Manicoolers" as they were called, quickly pitted and breached from the combination of erosion, cavitation, and galvanic corrosion, flooding the engines with coolant. ...

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