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A giant wooden boat being built by hand in Karachi, Pakistan

A giant wooden boat being built by hand in Karachi, Pakistan

This section covers the process, the people, the rules, the tools, the materials, and the boat equipment that is required to build boats and ships. For you do-it-yourself and want-a-be boat builders, be sure to see the last subsection Do-It-Yourself Boat Building in this section and the last subsection Do-It-Yourself Refitting and Repair in the Boat Refitting & Repair section where the step by step boat building and refitting processes are covered in detail. These sections have also proven to be very valuable to professional boat builders and repair facilities as well. Just for fun, you may also want to checkout The Rules of Boat Design.

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Main Topic Page Links

^  Boat Designing Schools
Boat Designers (Naval Architects, Boat Plans, Kits, etc)
Statutes & Standards
^  ^  Governmental Regulation
^  ^  Classification Societies
^  ^  ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council – US)
^  ^  NFPA (National Fire Protection Association – US)
^  ^  International Standards (IMO, ISO, etc)
Boat Building Tools & Equipment (Manufacturers, Specs, Manuals, Recalls, Suppliers, etc)
Boat Materials (Manufacturers, Specs, Manuals, Recalls, Suppliers, etc)
^  ^  Wood
^  ^  Metal
^  ^  Ferrocement
^  ^  Fiberglass
Boat Equipment (Manufacturers, Specs, Manuals, Reviews, Recalls, Suppliers, etc)
^  ^  Steering & Thrusters
^  ^  Stabilizers & Trim Plates
^  ^  Dewatering Devices
^  ^  Galvanic Corrosion Protection
^  ^  Hull Penetrations & Openings
(Thru-Hulls, Scuttles, Skylights, Hatches, etc)
^  ^  Deck Hardware & Equipment
^  ^  ^  Ground Tackle
^  ^  ^  Commercial Fishing Gear
^  ^  Rigging (Riggers)
^  ^  ^  Sails (Sailmakers)
^  ^  Propulsion Machinery (Types, Control Systems, etc)
^  ^  ^  ENGINES: 4-Stroke & 2-Cycle (Petrol/Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, A~Z, etc)
^  ^  ^  Engine-to-Marine Gear Interfaces (SAE Specs, Damper Plates, Jackshafts, etc)
^  ^  ^  Marine Gears (Inboards, V-Drives, IOs, OBs, Surface-Piercing, etc)
^  ^  ^  Shafting (Propshafts, Couplings, Seals, Bearings, Struts, Keys, Nuts, etc)
^  ^  ^  Propellers (Screws, Water Jets, Paddle wheels, etc)
^  ^  Electrical Systems (Direct Current, Alternating Current, etc)
^  ^  ^  Auxiliary Generators
^  ^  Domestic Systems
^  ^  ^  Cabin Heating & Cooling
^  ^  ^  Galley Appliances (Refrigeration, Galley Stoves, LPG/CNG Systems)
^  ^  ^  Water Systems
^  ^  ^  Trash Disposal
^  ^  ^  Furnishings (Cabinetry, furniture, Coverings, Entertainment, Weather, etc)
^  ^  Navigation & Communication Systems
^  ^  Safety Equipment (PFDs, Life Rafts, Fire Ext., Alarms, Medical Kits)
^  ^  Personel Equipment
^  ^  ^  Diving (Commercial & Sport)
^  ^  ^  Fishing (Sport)
^  ^  ^  Sailing (Foul Weather Gear, Safety Harnesses, etc)
^  ^  ^  Racing (Sail, Offshore Power, Powerboat, Hydroplane, etc)
^  ^  ^  Watersports (Surfing, Skiing, Boarding, Tubing, etc)
^  ^  Boat Trailers
^  Marine Suppliers by Regions
^  ^  Marine Suppliers – United States

Boat Building Schools
^  Boat Builders (Model Specs, Manuals, Reviews, Recalls, etc)
^  ^  Boat Builders A~Z
^  ^  Boat Builders by MIC (Manufacturer’s Identification Code)
^  ^  Boat Builders by Regions
^  ^  ^  Boat Builders – United States

^  ^  Boat Builders by Vessel Types
Do-It-Yourself Boat Building

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