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Marine Vendors Include:

Boat designers, boat builders, outfitters and refitters, boatyards, and repair shops.
Manufacturers and suppliers of boat building materials, tools and equipment.
Manufacturers, suppliers, installers and repairers of boat equipment including propulsion.
Schools for boat designers, boat builders, and boat repairers,
Boat dealers and yacht brokers.
Marine surveyors and schools for marine surveyors.
Vessel title companies. Banks and credit unions.
Insurance companies, agencies and adjusters.
Boat Transporters. Tugboats and towboats. Boat skippers and crews.
Boat ramp operators. Boat storage yards, racks and stacks. Boat anchorages, Marinas.
Yacht clubs and sailing clubs. Boat owner associations.
Providers of food, lodging and transportation to boaters.
Boat rentals and charters. Commercial passage including cruise ships. Freight transporters.
Providers of boating and maritime education.
Lawyers and law firms. Expert witnesses.
Book and magazine authors and publishers. Video producers.
Any others that market their products or services to the marine industry or boating public.

Vendors are invited to:

Submit their profile including a brief overview, any pictures, and contact information via email to Our goal is to provide the boating community and the marine industry with every marine vendor’s profile and contact information.

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