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Eugene (Gene) Adams of Port Gardener Sailboats at PO Box 269, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 (formerly 2241 Franklin Road, Mt.  Vernon, WA, 98273) has purchased the rights and owns the molds to build SJ23s, SJ21s and SJ7.7 meter boats by special order.  Mt.  Vernon is just east of the port of Anacortes and the strait of Juan De Fuca, for which the boat as well as the adjacent U.S.  island archipelago is named.  Both his firm and Fred Rehm Sailboats, 1900 North Lane, Camden, SC, 29020 will assist you in locating those hard to find parts for boats no longer in mass production.
I owned Port Gardner Sailboats. My brother and I were brokers in Everett, Washington and together we were the last dealer for San Juan Sailboats. We were involved with the factory in trying to help them put out a saleable product but the owner stayed in his office and had no idea what was happening in the shop. He decided to install one piece windows in the boats, from 23′ on up, in a way that made the boats difficult to sell as the windows were not in proportion with the hull lines. When I ordered my SJ34 I made them use conventional windows. Eventually they went broke and a new company bought them. We had great hopes at first but unfortunately the new company had no idea about sailboats either. For example, we bought a SJ23 that came with drywall screws in the toe rail instead of stainless steel screws. The screws were in stock! It’s not hard to understand why they also went broke.
By this time the bank merged with US Banks and recalled their loan to San Juan Sailboats. The bank merger didn’t want the molds, only money. The bank tried to abandon the molds and the land lord told them no. I made them an offer they could not refuse and got the molds, parts and rights. After that I had a small boat building business that made up for the low volume in the parts business. I moved a mobile home onto the property, to convert to a shop to build boats. This gave me the ability to build a sailboat if anyone wanted one. In 2013 I sold boat building and parts business as I am at a stage in life where I do not want to work all the time. It cuts into my sailing time!
Gene Adams
FROM: History of San Juan Sailboats and the Clark Boat Company
Point Gardner Sailboats – CLOSED?
2241 Franklin Road > PO Box 269, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043?
Mount Vernon, WA 98273, USA,.
Toll Free:
Phone: (360) 445-2814?

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