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AbsolutelyEverythingAboutBoats.com was initially conceived by the staff at Anchors Aweigh Academy as an online resource that would provide to our marine survey, shipwright, and on-board systems students such valuable information as:

  • The US Coast Guard regulations and industry standards for vessel construction, inspection and repair.
  • The sources for boat building plans, tools and equipment.
  • The sources for boat materials and equipment, and their specifications, service tips, recalls, and reviews.
  • The sources for marine publications with reviews.

We quickly realized that much of this information would also benefit students of other schools, as well as boat builders, boat dealers, yacht brokers, marine surveyors, shipwrights, refitters, mechanics, licensed skippers and crews, commercial fishermen, and recreational boaters around the world — so the website was opened up to everyone as a public service, and the scope of the website content was expanded to include such valuable information as:

The contact information, profiles and your reviews of:

  • Boat designers.
  • Boat builders.
  • Boat fitters and shipwrights.
  • Boat dealers and yacht brokers.
  • Events like boat shows, sales and auctions.
  • Marine surveyors.
  • Vessel documentation and licensing firms.
  • Marine lenders
  • Insurance companies, agents, and brokers.
  • Vessel transporters over land and sea.
  • Boat haulers and launching ramps
  • Boat moorage and storage.
  • Yacht clubs, sailing clubs, and Boat owner organizations.
  • Boating events and boating destinations with local attractions and accommodations.
  • Boating safety classes.
  • Boating and seamanship training.
  • Captain’s license training and testing.
  • Maritime schools.
  • Marine surveyor schools.
  • Marine engineering schools.
  • Boat building schools.
  • Boat repair schools including engine schools and on-board systems schools.
  • Boat yards, refitters and repair shops.
  • Law Firms practicing Admiralty law, consumer protection and personal injury.
  • Even expert witnesses for marine litigation.

For years, Anchors Aweigh Academy, a non-profit research and educational organization, has been dedicated to the advancement of marine related sciences with a strong emphasis on protecting the Earth’s fragile ecological systems for future generations. The practical application of this science is ultimately everyone’s responsibility. Your part can be as simple as properly maintaining your boat so that your boat does not explode, catch fire, land on the rocks and/or sink, and release deadly toxins into the environment (plus consider the physical damage and personal injury such an event could cause). Anchors Aweigh Academy and the AbsolutelyEverythingAboutBoats.com website are dedicated to providing this much needed knowledge to boat builders, refitters, repair shops and yards, professional mariners, and the boating public, etc. around the world (that would be basically everyone that will listen).

By browsing the WEBSITE CONTENTS page OR “WEBSITE CONTENTS” in the right sidebar  you can get a good idea of the scope of the website, which continues to grow rapidly through the dedicated efforts of the website staff and with the help of the many devoted volunteers. So far, the website contains over 6,000 webpages available to everyone. The information on these pages have already benefited mariners around the world. With your help, we could have more then 20,000 pages by 2017. We estimate that we will need over 50,000 webpages to cover the subjects we already have planned. Every website page welcomes comments, inquires, and reviews giving the reader the opportunity to contribute to the website as well as profit from other boaters perspectives. By submitting comments, articles, and reviews, you can become an active contributor to the growing AbsolutelyEverthingAboutBoats.com website (see Comment Rules & Submitting Articles).

You can also help us with the costs of developing and maintaining the website by becoming an Academy Member. Not only will you be supporting a great cause, but as a supporting member you will gain access to several other valuable resources including our Lending Library and all the current and past issues of Anchors Aweigh Academy‘s own on-line magazine, The ANCHOR, which contains some terrific “How To…” articles like:

  • How to build a boat.
  • How to outfit a boat.
  • How to buy a boat.
  • How to sell a boat.
  • How to inspect a boat.
  • How to find a good marine surveyor. The different types of marine surveys.
  • How to document a vessel.
  • How to get the best insurance. Types of policies, Insurance claims.
  • How to transport a boat including trailering, towing, and crewing.
  • How to find a skipper and crew for a boat delivery.
  • How to become a licensed captain or crew member.
  • How to become a marine surveyor.
  • How to troubleshoot and repair boat equipment including engine repairs. The value of oil analysis, Engine Rebuild vs Repower. Prevalence of up-charging and cost overruns in the marketplace.
  • Plus Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Guides, Do-It-Yourself Refitting & Repair Guides (many explaining the Marine Statutes and Industry Standards). Many written by professionals in the marine industry.

The ANCHOR is a perfect example of a “living publication” as it is continuously being revised and updated with the latest information, techniques, etc. (Note: We are loading these articles as quickly as we can reformat and update them, so please be patient.)

As an Academy Member, you will also gain access to the “Ask An Expert” Q&A page where you can privately ask our experts any questions related to boats of any size (including ships), their maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, etc., etc., etc.

to see examples of our website’s valuable contents!